The FEP FETA Award 2016 is still open for entries

FETA logoOKThe FEP Emerging Talent Award 2016, the contest for the European photographic students and young photographers (under 30 years of age), open on May 16th and will close on September 15th.


The FEP – FETA  award is held in collaboration with a number of Universities and Colleges throughout Europe, aiming to recognize the high standard of photographic image making, taking place in Europe by final year University students and newly qualified young photographers.
The FEP FETA Award 2015 was wan by Christopher Rüsing, student at the Bildungszentrum Handwekskammer Dortmund, Germany. The 2016 winner and the student earning merits will be announced in Amsterdam on Sunday, November 20th at the FETA Award Ceremony.  
We are also happy to announce that the International Photographic Council (IPC, an NGO of the United Nations) has decided to support the FETA Award 2016, and the FETA winner will also receive the IPC Kunio Yatomi Scholarship, the same award given to graduate students in Japanese university who major in photo-imaging with outstanding achievement. This award consists in an IPC certifcate and of an amount of 1000 U.S. dollars which will be given to the winner. Click HERE to have more information about this award. 
There are no change in the rules: 
– A portfolio of 9 images must be submitted through the FEP website.  
– A personal statement must be completed on the application form (in English) explaining the context/theme of the submitted portfolio.
– After the online submission, the FEP secretariat will send by email to the candidates the application form, to fill and send back, together with the proof of the support and the approval of their University/Institute course leader. 
– An entry fee of 20,00 € per portfolio is required.
This year, there are also new on line facilities: the written statement to submit with the images can be submitted directly onto the website when uploading the images. As for the judging, to ensure a complete impartiality each portfolio be given a score by each judge (as a panel of photographs not for individual images). This score will then determine the top portfolios – winner and any merits.  Besides,  judges to give some positive feedback to help the students. Their advice will be sent to each and all entered students after the awards have taken place.
COLLEGES TASKS: The college/university course leaders will select the highest achieving final year students on their course to enter for the award. The maximum number of portfolios which can be sent by each Institute is 5. The course leader will also validate and verify each student’s submission of images.
Further info and a full set of rules HERE  We are looking forward receiving entries from the best emerging talents across Europe! Hurry up, deadline September 15th.