FEP Board Meeting, Torun, Poland

fep board
The FEP Board Members met in Torun, Poland, on June 13th, 2016, in the historical Artus Mansion.
The FEP President, Andreas Barylli-Fayer, thanked Marek Czarnecki and the local administration for helping to prepare and to host such a wonderful event. 
It was enthusiastically appreciated the idea of the FEP President to organize on February 2019 a global event in Wien, Austria, including celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the FEP professional qualifications and also for the 180th anniversary of Daguerre, the hugest international photographic exhibition ever made by FEP and the winner announcement of the 2019 World Photographic Cup. As a pinnacle of the event, called Fête de l’image 2019, on 8th Feb 2019 an exclusive traditional ball in the iconic Hofburg Palace, built majestically by the Habsburg Emperors, will bring photographers coming from around the globe in a one of a kind, unrepeatable magical atmosphere. While the FEP President and an organizing committee will work on the project, by the end of the year a comprehensive proposal will be submitted.
The Board also confirmed the following positions:  
Jean-Félix Bernetel – Vice President; Willem van der Vlies – Financial Controller; Jim Lowe – QEP/MQEP Chairman; 
Johan Brouwers – EP Chairman; Neil Warner – EV/QEV Chairman; Jørgen Brandt – FEP Competition Chairman; Adriano Scognamillo – Chairman of the Book Prize. 
Jim Lowe was appointed FETA Chairman for the next session, while Jean Félix Bernetel, Jorgen Brandt, and Bent Nygaard Larsen will occupy the 3 seats for Europe in the World Photographic Cup Governing Committee. 
After the approval of the midyear budget survey, all associations have been urged to better encourage submissions for the EP and for the FETA award, also to enable and encourage young member recruitment. 
As for PHOTOKINA, a working committee formed by the FEP President, Johan Brouwers, Patrizia Burra, Bernd Gassner and Bent Nygaard Larsen will work in co-operation with the local German Association to organise the participation of the FEP associations to the trade show. 
The next QEP session and Board meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on November 19-21 was confirmed, new fantastic options for the judging sessions 2017 and 2018 were approved:  the summer sessions 2017/2018 will be held in Falmouth University, UK and in Tampere, Finland, while the vote to accept Georgia as the 2nd venue in 2017 was unanimous.
After the Meeting, the FEP President and the CEO met with Fernando Barrio, Board member and President of FEPFI, to discuss the project of a new the Digital Magazine. It was agreed that FEPFI will create and  FEP would circulate a trial number of a new European digital magazine to all its members. The project is at no cost for FEP,  although a FEP representative will overlook the work of the editorial committee.

Picture by Johan Brouwers, QEP