EP 13th session, official results

EP session #13, what a success!We are happy to announce that 25 professional photographers coming form 10 diferrent countries have been awarded with the EP title!Our congratulations go to:

Thomas Schauer, EP, Austria
Peter Trykar, EP, Austria
Leo Fellner, EP, Austria
Vugar Amrullayev, EP, Azerbaijan
Evi Polak, EP, Belgium
Carine Van Gerven, EP, Belgium
Evelyne Vanpoucke, EP, Belgium
Rudi Theunis, EP, Belgium
Glenn Vanderbeke, EP, Belgium
Luc Vervliet, EP, Belgium
Guy Schotte, EP, Belgium
Markus Aspegren, EP, Finland
Sirpa Ryyppö, EP, Finland
Seppo Kolehmainen, EP, Finland
Johanna Uusitalo, EP, Finland
François Jouanneaux, EP, France
Iuri Akopov, EP, Georgia
Caleb Ridgeway, EP, Germany
Pedro Filipe, EP, Portugal
Paulo Pinheiro, EP, Portugal
Matej Juhár, EP, Slovakia
Norbert Eggenhofer, EP, Slovakia
Vladimir Veverka, EP, Slovakia
Therese Asplund, EP, Sweden
Kristin Sipilä, EP, Sweden


Apply online now for the EP session #14! Deadline April 30.

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