FEP General Assembly 2016

Monday, March 14th,  21 FEP member associations gathered in Santa Maria da Feria, Portugal to celebrate the FEP General Assembly 2016. 
The meeting has been held inside the very well attended “Expofoto”, organized by the APPImagem. 
A Board of Directors for the next term of 2 years has been elected. It will be comprised – beyond , ex officio, the FEP President  – of the following members: Jean Felix Bernetel, Fernando Barrio, Rui Teixeira, Willem van der Vlies, Johan Browers, Tiina Haring, Adriano Scognamillo, Neil Warner, Bern Gassner, Patrizia Burra, Milos Fic and Bent Nygaard. 
After the approval of the budgets 2015 and 2016 , the delegates expressed their full confidence to the FEP organisational staff, comprised of CEO Giuseppe Scozzi, FEP Secretary Martina Scozzi, Event Manager and incoming CEO Anna Kaleva Tsakglas and FEP Editor Sue Lowe.
The FEP annual programme will include, among others, two photographic qualifications sessions to be held in Poland (Torun,11-13 June) and in The Netherlands (Amsterdam, 19-21 November) and a video qualification session (QEV) scheduled in Spain also in early November next.   
The attending delegates initiated the procedures towards a new regularisation of the FEP in the institutional form of a not for profit  association based on Belgium. As a result,  the Board member Willem van der Vlies had the mandate to address the Belgian registry and proceed to the subsequent course of actions.