FEP Competition 2016: the finalists!

Compo-Banner-2015---readyIn a few weeks, at the FEP Awards Ceremony, the FEP will celebrate the winners of the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2016, the annual FEP competition which has been entered from 25 different European countries. Thousands of pictures submitted. Discover them here!
A special thanks, for their great work, goes to the international judging panel, composed by:
Johan Brouwers, Belgium
Jeronimo Heitor Coelho, Portugal
Tom Doherty, Ireland
Günther Egger, Austria
Bryn Griffiths, Uk
Tiina Haring, Finland
Attila Korbely, Hungary
Franck Lecrenay, France
Jan Pohribný, Czech Republic
Hans Starosta, Germany
and to Jørgen Brandt, the Chairman of the competition.
The names of the winners will be announced on March 13th, 2016 at the FEP Awards Ceremony in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, aside the congress EXPOFOTO 2016. Now, we are now happy to announce the names of the TOP 10 photographers, the so called FINALISTS, in each category, in alphabetic order. Amongst them, there are the Bronze, Silver and Golden Cameras and the FEP Photographer of the Year 2016! 
Congratulations to:
COMMERCIAL: Antonio Barrella, Italy, Gareth Byrne, Ireland, Odd Furenes, Norway, Stephan Huger, Austria, Antti Karppinen, Finland, Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland, Mathias Kniepeiss, Austria, Gerry O’Leary, Ireland, Xanti Rodriguez, Spain, Thomas Schauer, Austria
FASHION: Antonio Barrella, Italy, Patrizia Burra, Italy, Cormac Byrne, Ireland, Michael Hayes, Ireland, Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland, Lluis Oliver, Spain, Natalia Pipkina, Norway, Edgar Raphael, Portugal, Michael Schnabl, Austria, Riccardo Urnato, Italy
ILLUSTRATION: Andre Boto, Portugal, Patrizia Burra, Italy, Antti Karppinen, Finland, Jon Klasbu, Norway, Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland, Krister Löfroth, Finland, Katya Rashkevich, Russia, Xanti Rodriguez, Spain,  Alvaro Ruiz, Spain, Michael Schnabl, Austria, Siri Sødahl, Norway
LANDSCAPE: Stefan Brenner, Austria, Bram Declercq, Belgium, Peter Gordon, Ireland, Simon Hausberger, Austria, Tom D. Jones, Belgium, Franz G. Messenbäck, Austria, Michael McLaughlin, Ireland, Daragh Muldowney, Ireland, Marcos Rodríguez, Spain, Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove, Belgium
PORTRAIT: Yves-Michel Barclay, France, Patrizia Burra, Italy, Vicente Esteban, Spain, Richard K. Johansen, Norway, Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland, Yeray Menéndez, Spain, Guido Pelgrim, Netherlands, Igor Sakharov, Latvia, Garfield Trummer, Austria, Vesa Tyni, Finland
REPORTAGE: Jorge Bacelar, Portugal, Rui Caria, Portugal, Roberto Colacioppo, Italy, Vanessa Forget, France, Jesus Jimenez, Spain, Svetlana Petrova, Russia, Marcos Rodríguez, Spain, Ulrich Schulte, Sweden, Vincenzo Tessarin, Italy, Jos Verhoogen, Belgium
SPORTS: Pierre Delaunay, France, Milos Fic, Czech Republic, Simon Hausberger, Austria, Mathias Kniepeiss, Austria, Herbert Kratky, Austria, Jose Luis Mendez Fernandez, Spain, Yeray Menendez, Spain, Marek Musil, Czech Republic, Nicola Ughi, Italy, Harald Voglhuber, Austria
WEDDING: Nevzat Basaran, Denmark, Manuel González, Spain, Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez, Spain, Juan Carlos Guardia Vazquez, Spain, Clemente Jimenez, Spain, Igor Link, Germany, Carlos Felipe Ortiz, Spain, Philippe Swiggers, Belgium, Nuno Teixeira, Portugal, Manola van Leeuwe, Netherlands
WILDLIFE: Dmitry Arkhipov, Russia, Thomas De Sterck, Belgium, Jürgen de Witte, Belgium, Simon Hausberger, Austria, Tim Hunt, UK, Tom D. Jones, Belgium, Martin Morel, France, Seppo Rintala, Finland, Jos Verhoogen, Belgium, Lluisa Viladoms Bargallo, Spain
STUDENTS AND YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS: Markus Aspegren, Finland, Frida Bringslimark, Norway, Henning Frode Dispen, Norway, Dawid Galinski, Poland, Linda Leitner, Austria, Silvano Pedrett, Switzerland, Aina Rosland Ruud, Norway, Salva Ruiz, Spain, Luis Rüsing, Germany, Terese Samuelsen, Norway
Next week, we will announce the awards for single pictures, continue to follow us!