FETA Award 2015: Official Results

We are pleased to announce the FETA Award 2015 Official Results:
The winner of this edition is Christopher Rüsing, student at the Bildungszentrum Handwekskammer Dortmund, Germany. Congratulations! 
      feta win  feta  feta win2  
The panel of this student of photography represents, with a modern presentation, different moment of a traditional Circus, using the CGI. “The viewer is invited to remember the good old times of classic entertainment mixed with a modern presentation” explained the young photographer from Germany.
The judging has been chaired by Dave Matthews and happened online by 3 Qualified European Photographers, Johan Brouwers, QEP, Vincent O’Byrne, MQEP and Adriano Scognamillo, QEP. The anonymity of the candidates has been respected at all times.
The judges beyond award a winner, decided  to mention  also 3 other students, with a Merit Award.FETA logoOK

Here are the names of the 3 awarded students, in alphabetical order, with a merit award:
– Jack Breadmore, student at the Falmouth University, United Kingdom
– Lenka Bukacova, student at the Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyn? University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
– Dorien Van der Eecken, student at the Campus Narafi, Luca School of Arts, photography department,  Belgium
The FETA winner Christopher Rüsing and the finalists have been presented and awarded during the FETA Award Ceremony on Sunday, December, 13th, in Grado, Italy, at the Photography Masters Conference. Next edition of the FETA Award will open on May 2016, and the Award Ceremony will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, aside the QEP-MQEP judging session, November 2016.