FEP European Photo Book of the Year Award 2015 – Official Results

We are happy to announce the category’s winners of the 3rd FEP European Photo Book of the Year Award 2015. Congratulations to:New Horizons – ph. Bruno Van Den Elshout – The Eriskay Connection, FEP BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR 2015best book


0 BESTBest Book Of The Year 2015: New Horizons – ph. Bruno Van Den Elshout – The Eriskay Connection.An amazing artist whose expressive language is capable of going beyond reality, allowing your imagination to take flight.A ChernobylReportage – The Long Shadow Of Chernobyl – ph. Gerd Ludwig – Edition Lammerhuber
B GullPortrait – Gull (Gold)– ph. Arnfinn Johnsen – Font Forlag
C Out Of Thin AirLandscape – Out Of Thin Air – ph. Daragh Muldowney – Dulra 
D Buffalo BalladNature Photography – Buffalo Ballad – ph. Heidi e Hans Jurgen Koch – Edition Lammerhuber
E The NudeNude  – The Box – ph. Eric Kellerman – Galerie Vevais
G Mash UpCommercial – Mash-Up – ph. Antonio Barrella – Marchesi
The International Jury, also awarded with 3 Special Mentions:
Speciale1 InVisibleIn/visible – ph. Ann Christine Woehrl, Laura Salm – Edition Lammerhuber
Speciale2 SnapDragonsSnap Dragons – ph. David Cantwell Speciale3 WithOpenEyesMed Apne Oyne (With Open Eyes) – ph. Hans Jorgen Brun 
International Jury was composed by: Daniele Lupattelli, Philippa Stannard, Damiano Leone, Iain Adams, Luca Delogu
Chairman of the Competition: Adriano ScognamilloIn the picture, also Giuseppe Scozzi, FEP Chief Executive Officer (Picture by Adriano Scognamillo).
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