EP 8th session – Official results

We are happy to announce that at the EP session n.8,  21 new EP Photographers have been awarded!
Our congratulations go to:

Anna Arvidsson, EP, Sweden
Klaus Bauer, EP, Austria
Olivier Béaslas, EP, Finland
Frederic Beckers, EP, Belgium
Marie de Verdier Persson, EP, Sweden
Åsa Deleau Wiklund, EP, Sweden
Gwenny Eeckels, EP, Belgium
Gert Hognert, EP, Sweden
Daniël Hoitink, EP, The Netherlands
Marie-Louise Le Goff, EP, France
Nikolozi Meskhi, EP, Georgia
Linda Otterstedt, EP, Sweden
Jenny Puronne, EP, Sweden
Vincenzo Quartarone, EP, Italy
Kris Rogiers, EP, Belgium
Jenny Sandberg, EP, Sweden
Anne Schneidersmann, EP, Germany
Karin Schulz, EP, Sweden
Eszter Simone, EP, Sweden
Tânia Teixeira, EP, Portugal
Jeanette Utell Elfström, EP, Sweden

Congratulations again!Apply online now for the new EP session n. 9!Learn more about EP qualification HERE(Deadline April 30th)