The FEP Awards Ceremony

The FEP Awards Ceremony awards1DIOGO
Congratulations to the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2015 DIOGO FREITAS (DDiArte – Portugal) and the winners of the European Golden Cameras trophies (GUNTHER EGGER, Commercial Golden Camera, DIOGO FREITAS (DDiArte), Illustrative Golden Camera, ALEXANDRE MANUEL, Landscape Golden Camera, ONNI WILJANI KINNUNEN, Portrait Golden Camera, YERAY MENENDEZ, Reportage Golden Camera, ANDREY BALABASOV, Wedding Golden Camera, ROMAN SLAVIK, Students Golden Camera, LUCAS TING, International Golden Camera) as well as the other Silver and Bronze Cameras winners and all the Finalists of the 8 categories and sections of the competition, chaired for the fourth consecutive year by Jorgen Brandt, who said:
“The FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2015 has been entered by a huge number of photographers from Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Samoa, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA. Thank you to all the Judges for the very large effort they did going through the images. 
Your effort is greatly appreciated. The Jury was composed by:  
Nunzia Borrelli, Italy, QEP 
Ivan Caniga, MQEP 
Ilona Pulkstene, Latvia, MQEP  
Malou Reedorf, Denmark, QEP 
Adriano  Scognamillo, Italy, QEP 
Thank you to our FEP Executive Assistant Martina Scozzi, to our FEP Event Manager Anna Kaleva-Tsagklas and our FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi for the great help they have provided in the handling of this Competition. Last but not least – thank you to all the Photographers participating in this event.” 
Best wishes for a luminous professional carrier to the winner of the 2014 FEP Emerging Talent Award (FETA), MAREK STIM, and all other students who got a merit certificate in this prestigious final year students contest. Congratulations as well to all amazing authors which come on the stage to withdraw their QEP and MQEP certificates from several nations.
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Pictures by Jessica D’Acquarica
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