LAMINAMARC is a new Partner of FEP!

LAMINAMARC“Picture frame without molding and no glass”.
Since the beginning of 2000, Laminamarc® was born with the idea to launch on the market a unique coaching system. 
Fourteen years later, our goal has not changed, create a Different Product, based on the quality of materials and processes, current designs and, of course, the careful and personalized attention for each client.
Laminamarc products are available in two distinct ranges, Classic and Excellence.
In the classic range, prints are laminated onto custom sized wood panels with a variety of depths and edge colors.
Excellence range offers you to enter a new world of design and decoration, where the Plexiglas® and wood materials are mixed to form unique and exceptionnal creations.
High quality Photo prints, and manufacture of resilient and high-end products in wood, optical Plexiglas®, or  both together.
Commercial and Customer service departments always available and reactive.
Product lines constantly evolving to better meet customer needs.
The laminated picture framing is a method for making particularly qualitative and resistant.
Our products are innovative, with a contemporary and unique style.
In working with Laminamarc, you choose a famous partner in the world of professional photographers.For more information: