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UK and SPAIN candidates to host the QEP sessions in 2015.    

The next QEP/MQEP session will be held in RIGA, LATVIA on Sat-Sun June 7-8, followed by a FEP Board meeting on Sunday June 8 afternoon.

The hosting FEP Member Latvian Photographers Association, chaired by Igors Djacenko and coordinated by Regina Marcenkiene, has provided the venue for the meetings and will provide a logistic support. Fix those dates in your agenda!

FEP will organise as usual the meeting direction. Local membership and students will be allowed to have a look at and discuss the successful panels.

Of course, this session will be confirmed only if at the date of April 30th we will have a sufficient number of registrations for the assessment. So please FILL AND SEND THE APPLICATION FORMS TO THE FEP SECRETARIAT (secretariat@europeanphotographers.eu) WITHIN APRIL 30TH, 2014!

We remind you that a translation of the QEP rules is available in the main European languages HERE.

The day after, Monday June 9, the Latvian Association will organize in the same venue an “INSPIRATION CAMP”, consisting in a set of inspirational lectures and a photo exhibition.  The lectures will be held by some of the attending FEP judges and delegates. This event will be patronized by FEP and will offer the local membership and the photographers coming from the close Baltic countries (not yet FEP members) the possibility to meet with FEP, and better feel the benefit to be a member. 

NEXT QEP and MPEP sessions. The second 2014 QEP session will be held in Rome from  November 29 to December 01. It will be host in the photographic Studio Orizzonte, owned by Antonio Barrella and will be coordinated by Adriano Scognamillo. The studio is located in the center of Rome and we will also have an helping support from the students of the IED, Istituto Europeo di Design. As for 2015, BIPP CEO Chris Harper candidates UK and the new FEPFI President, Fernando Barrio candidates Spain, respectively  for the Summer and Winter sessions. The FEP Board will formally approve the calendar at the next meeting.    

Picture by Stas Bartnikas.