QEP/MQEP judging session dec. 2013 – OFFICIAL RESULTS

At the 28th session of the FEP European Qualifications 3 MASTER QEP and 14 QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded:


Ivan ?aniga, MQEP, Slovakia

Collection Master 07 FILEminimizerJan Štovka, MQEP, Slovakia

3a FILEminimizer

Lutz Tim Tölle, MQEP, Gemany

09 FILEminimizer


Gabor Bakos, QEP Wildlife, Hungary

Yves-Michel Barclay, QEP Nude, France

Sophie Bourgeix, QEP Portrait, France

Jose Carrillo Sandonato, QEP Portrait, Spain

Jose Carrillo Sandonato, QEP Illustrative, Spain

Helder Couto, QEP Wedding, Portugal

Ján Hladík, QEP Fine Art, Slovakia

Evgeny Kolesnik, QEP Portrait, Ukraine

Gabriel Lipták, QEP Landscape, Slovakia

Stefano Lunardi, QEP Portrait, Italy

Jean-Charles Louiset, QEP Portrait, France

Jose Presencia, QEP Portrait, Spain

Claudio Tadiotto, QEP Wedding, Italy

Patrick Verbessem, QEP Portrait, Belgium


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