Do consumers know the difference a professional photographer can make?


Do consumers know the difference a professional photographer can make?

Surfing on the web we founded many interesting campaigns aimed to check the difference between a “photographer” and a “professional photographer” …

Have a look!

FROM USA See the Difference® , a PPA CampaignPPA launched a consumer-focused campaign in 2010 called See the Difference® to help educate consumers on the value of professional photography. The goal of this campaign was to help consumers “see the difference” when they are evaluating photographers…and realize the importance of hiring a pro. Here is one the videos realized in that occasion.

xtranormal youtube animations! Truth about Professional Photographers – The more photographers take the time to learn the craft and offer the public a quality product, the better the photograph industry will be., you want to be a photographer – A programmer wants to pursue his dream of being a pro photographer. A co-worker sets him straight. is a Photographer – A story about a lady and her camera. Photographer vs. Professional Photographer – This is what happens when people think a big camera equals big results. The things photographers hear a lot when working with their models and friends.

FROM HONG KONGPro photographer/cheap camera challenge In these videos, pro photographers are asked to set photo shooting sessions. Unfortunately, they have a surprise where they know they have to replace their professional equipment with a cheap camera. Find out what happens…