FEP Secretary’ meeting, Amsterdam


Friendly and informal atmosphere during  the FEP CEO meeting, at the Dutch Federatie premises, in Amsterdam.

Based on the warm welcome received from the hosting Dutch association’ CEO, Lars Boering, and an exhaustive presentation of the FEP activities made by the FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi, an intense, informal exchange of ideas and a new vivid enthusiasm featured the FEP CEO meeting which took place in Amsterdam. Executives from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Norway and a new potential member from Lithuania also attended the meeting.

The conversations how to run each association and how to take advantage from being a member of the FEP network will help the associations implementing future actions on a national scale. The very nice weekend was completed with a visit of an interesting Amsterdam Photo Museum, followed by a dinner.

The FEP has been asked to repeat this experience in future, possibly involving small groups in the different European regions. The FEP will check with the local hosting associations if it will be possible to have a continuation of the brainstorming someway in Bratislava on December, aside the next QEP and MQEP judging process.