EP – European Photographer

EPAfter QEP in 1999 and Master QEP in 2005, FEP is finally ready for the launch of the European Photographer (EP) qualification. The first judging session will be held in the next few days.The EP title is a new basic assessment which aims to recognise competence and a professional standard for those who earn their lives as Professional Photographers, just as QEP aims to recognize and reward excellence and the MQEP is reserved for the best QEP holders. Especially designed for young photographers and newcomers, to complement the lack of a specific title to uphold the professional status in almost all the European countries, EP has a life of 4 years during which time members are expected to apply for their QEP. In other words, the EP label can be considered as a European Drivers Licence for Professional Photographers. It will become a valuable part of the average photographers’ marketing strategy. It will also be a guarantee for the client that the photographer fulfils the necessary basic requirements in technical skills and achieves an acknowledged “professional” standard. Just like the QEP and MQEP, the EP logo can be used by the EP photographers for their web site and in all their professional contacts.Attention: only the members of the FEP member associations can achieve the award! The EP qualification will be driven entirely on line, and the system is up and running on the FEP website. Please visit the EP pages on this site. Should you need a practical support for the on line application procedures please click here. This should be read by all considering applying, There you will also find an invitation presented by Johan Brouwers, Chairman of the EP qualification cell: don’t wait, and apply today for your EP qualification.