News from Gmunden: Congress and Winners of the FEP Awards


Thanks to the 150 FEP delegates and awarded photographers who came for this truly international event! Gmunden was a really wonderful location. The Austrian warm hospitality and good organization (to do not mention the excellent  food!) did contribute to make the event really successful. The keynote speakers, the photographic fellowship, to do not mention the fruitful FEP General Assembly and the meeting with the delegation of the PPA American association made those days unforgettable. You can find and publish more pictures of the FEP International Photo Days 2013 in our official page on Facebook and in our Facebook group

THE LOCATION AND THE ORGANISATION Andreas Barylli and Ursula Kralupper left us speechless for their passion, professionalism and dedication: we still have in mind the town of Gmunden, the unforgettable trip on the Traunsee, the traditional dinner and music, the scenic lakefront with the photo-exhibitions,  the precious Stadt Theater, the City Hall, the market square, the old good days’ familiar atmosphere…. boat

A warm thanks goes to the Gmunden municipality, and specially to “Bürgermeister” Heinz Köppl for the hospitality and support…It was truly appreciated. We are still excited after this amazing event:  sehr gut, und danke!

THE FEP PHOTODAYS The 5 international speakers charmed the audience with their amazing presentations.  Günther Egger, MQEP, Austria focused his lecture on the area of fashion, beauty and fine art, while MQEP Martin Vrabko (Slovakia) was really  inspiring and touching,  showing how to add emotion and vital energy to all its creations. Bella West, QEP Portrait, UK, showed a special collection of images from both commissioned works and her personal work over the years with a very appreciated didactical approach. Filip Santens, MQEP, Belgium, today at the highlight of his professional career captured the attention of the audience presenting a wide range of excellent images, from the social photography to illustration, fine art, landscape, reportage. Jerónimo H. Coelho, MQEP, Portugal, offered us a particular point of view on the photography of architecture, as much as wedding, portrait, fine art, and reportage.  Until we will have the chance to show such an intense passion for the images, and such an high professional standard, the European Photographers can be proud, and, despite the difficult economic trend, can be optimistic for the future of the image makers.


FEP PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWRDS 2012 During the FEP Awards Ceremony the overall winner of the FEP European Photographer of the year Awards 2012 has been announced and presented with his trophies: he is PETER GORDON, from Ireland, already FEP EUROPEAN REPORTAGE GOLDEN CAMERA 2012, who has been declared the FEP EUROPEAN PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2012.




Adriano Scognamillo, Chairman of the FEP European Photo Book of the year Awards, announced also the winners of this contest:

Reportage:  “3 ½ “ Giovanni Santi    ITALYThis book was chosen for it’s originality, unespected beauty, personal and even humorous photographs that document the construction of a freeway.

Monographs:  “INDUSTRIA” Niccolò Biddau  ITALYThis book is a beautiful visual voyage into the world of production and industry. Transforming what could be percieved as mundane into exquisite black and white photographs with extreme creativity and an artistic sensibility.

Special Mention: – “Presenze-Presences” – George Tatge   USAThis book was given a honorable mention for an exceptionally personal vision of the world articulated in a reflection of varied landscapes. The photographs are pure poetry, never predictable or judgemental but dramatic and beautifully thoughtful . The result is a work of restrained lyricism, admired by all the members of the jury.

I best absolute

Nude:  “Le Louvre, NU, sculptures” – Lois Lammerhuber, Jean Galard, Catherine Belanger –  Edition Lammerhuber  AUSTRIA  This book is just as elegant and precious as the sculptures depicted. A superb example of the perfect marriage of photography and editorial excellence.

Best Editor:  Lois Lammerhuber AUSTRIAA Photo Book may contain beautiful images, but achieves the highest degree of quality only if supported by an excellent graphic design, layout and printing. We reward EDITION Lammerhuber for their exquisite work, as well as their original packaging that exalt the work of the photographer.

Commercial:  “BURJ AL ARAB” –  Gerry O’Leary  IRELANDThis photographer’s incredible sensitivity and high level of professional skills is on showcase in this book.  These commercial photographs communicate with ease, and are undeniably original because they capture the originality and uniqueness of the subject.

Lanscape:  “DOLOMITES”  – Peter Mathis  AUSTRIA

Minimalist and poetic, this book could easily be compared to an antique Japanese painting. The photographs capture the grandiose beauty and timelessness of the Dolomites.

Self-published:  “DREAMS”  – Patrizia Burra   ITALYThis book shows celebrates the grace and plasticity of the human form. The photographer captures an invisible line that overlaps the body, that seems to dynamically shape it. This is what we appreciated in this sumptuous body of work. The format and layout of this self produced book bring to the forefront the beauty of the images.

And the FEP European Photo Book of the Year 2013 is: “Zucht & Ordnung” – Walter Oczolon     AUSTRIA 

This book is distinguished by its dual artistic value. The first for its technical and photographic excellence. Second, and perhaps more importantly, for its artistic creativity and geometric precision that make the book one of a kind.