FEP GA: We have new 6 member associations and a new President Elect, Andreas Barylli, from Austria


THE FEP GENERAL ASSEMBLY GAIn the prestigious venue of the Gmunden City Hall, delegates from 17 member associations  gathered to hold the annual FEP General Meeting. After listening the report of the FEP President Jorgen Brandt, the FEP delegates debated the main issues related to the activity, starting from a QEP session in Denmark on June next, and approved the budgets. ANDREAS BARYLLI  IS THE FEP PRESIDENT ELECT.  The agenda also included the election of Andreas Barylli as “President Elect”. Andreas, who’s Fotofayer, based in Vienna is in the photography business since second half of the 19th century, along 5 generations, is one of the FEP founder members, past FEP Vice President and Past President of the Austrian professional association.  Under Art. 10 of the FEP constitution, the incoming president will be President Elect until the next GA in 2014, where the change of office with the President in the power, Jorgen Brandt, will take place. WE HAVE 6 NEW MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS!  The FEP GA  unanimously accepted 6 new member associations from 5 countries. They now belong to the FEP European family,  the Union of Artist Photographers of Poland, the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Association of Professional photographers, the  Belarusian Public Association Photoiskusstvo,  the Association of Photographers of Georgia (APG), and as an affiliated member the Azerbaijan Photographers Union.  WELCOME ON BOARD, colleagues! The activeness, and representation of the new members will definitely enrich FEP. Your membership will also facilitate cultural interchanges and the integration into the European photographic family and will give a great chance to many further photographers to promote themselves in the European professional society.With the new members  the FEP membership reached the record number of 31 associations from 27 countries!