A FEP- BIPP test agreement to launch the EP

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Through an agreement between the FEP and the British Institute of P.P., the new FEP basic Euro-qualification for professional photographers (the so called “EP”) will have a premiere at the British photographers.

In a few words: the FEP recognizes BIPP, which has a long established and sophisticated qualification system, as an awarding body authorized by the FEP to award the EP. This is a recognition to the photographers who have achieved the UK basic national qualification (LBIPP) which may also be awarded with the EP qualification.

This agreement started on July, 1st, and it will run as a test for the new European award, so that by September when others come on board the necessary systems are in place and working.

For further info please contact the FEP (info@europeanphotographers.eu) or the BIPP (Jane Goward jane@bipp.com).