The IPC’s Leadership Award 2012 goes to FEP Master QEP Bernd Gassner

The International Photographic Council’s Leadership Award 2012 goes to FEP Master QEP Bernd Gassner


582242 10150828977878181 1441600179 nThe FEP was asked to nominate an active professional photographer with outstanding achievement for this prestigious award – and after a round of internal nomination – the FEP Board of Directors decided to nominate Master QEP Bernd Gassner. Specializing in advertising photography, Master Photographer and Master Qualified European Photographer Bernd Gassner is the Federation of European Photographers’ first double Master QEP. Bernd also serves as President of the German Westphalian Professional Photographer Association, representative of the Central Association German Professional Photographers in FEP, and an FEP Board Member. “Photography is a language that is understood all over the world and connects people around the world,” says, Bernd Gassner from Sendenhorst near Münster. On the 17th May, Bernd became the first German photographer, to gain the IPC Leadership Award in New York. ” All Award winners were nominated from federations of professional photographers all around the world, representing the values and ideas of the IPC Association in an eminent way, ” said the IPC President James Chung. “Therefore the IPC Leadership Award is, in addition to his extraordinary accomplishments as a photographer, a special appreciation of his long-standing commitment to the photographic industry.” “We are very honoured to have been asked by the UN-associated IPC to nominate a candidate, and we are very proud they have accepted our nomination. Photography truly is the universal language with all its dialects from all over the world,” announced, Neil Warner, FEP President. After the award presentation he will continue his work for the good education of young people and continue his commitment to the Federation of European Photographers. “It’s a great feeling to receive such recogintion for my work!”, he concludes, and is constantly grateful for the motivation, which is accorded to only a few people.