ID Photos and Passport Pictures

Very good news from Belgium!On the sphere of the ID photos the Belgian associations worked out a strategy which obtained a positive result.In the file of the “biometric passport photos” the Belgian national authority for Foreign Affairs had written out a public procurement for the installation in all town halls of machines to enable the local public servants to make the passport photos themselves.After several meetings with the national authorities , the associations received the confirmation from the Federal Service of Foreign Affairs that they have cancelled this public procurement. The Belgian “Federal Service of Foreign Affairs” will start a collaboration with the “Federal Service of Internal Affairs” to provide, instead of these machines to take the pass-photos, different machines that will enable local public servants only to take fingerprints and register a digital signature.In other words: in the town halls and the city halls there won’t be installed any machines to take passport photos.The making of ID photos will thus remain, as it is today, with the professional photographers!!FEP would like to thank and congratulate the Belgian associations for obtaining this positive result, which follows the similar successful solution obtained in France and which can be used as a precedent in all other countries. For more information please contact the FEP Secretariat or directly the Belgian member associations.