FEP Ambassadors


In order to enhance the membership and the recognition of the FEP in the countries where the FEP doesn’t have yet a member association, the FEP Board Member appointed as “FEP AMBASSADORS”  the following officers: ANDREAS BARYLLI, FEP Vice-President, Austria: FEP Ambassador for Switzerland. ATTILA KORBELY, President of BPIP – Budapest Fotóintézet, Hungary: FEP Ambassador for Eastern European countries neighboring with Hungary, especially Slovenia, Romania and Poland. BENT NYGAARD LARSEN, CEO of DFF – Dansk Fotografisk Forening, Denmark: FEP Ambassador for Scandinavia and Island. EDOARDO PICCININI, President of the U2PF – Union Professionnelle des Photographes Francophones, Belgium: FEP Ambassador for Luxembourg. ADRIANO SCOGNAMILLO, FEP Board Member, Italy, FEP Ambassador for Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. Further Ambassadors will be appointed soon.