QEP and MQEP session number 24 Official Results

At the 24th session  of the FEP European Qualifications 4 new Master QEP and 30 QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded: MASTER QEP:Günther Egger, Austria, Master QEP  Luís Miguel Esteves de Araújo, Portugal, Master QEP  Jean-François Guillon, France, Master QEPDonal Murphy, Ireland, Master QEPQEP: Giovanni Arria, France, QEP ReportagePaolo Barbuio, Italy, QEP Reportage  Didier Barthelemy, France, QEP WeddingAleandro Battistini, Italy, QEP CommercialEmanuele Carpenzano, Italy, QEP WeddingAlessandra Casonato, Italy, QEP WeddingGerard Cazade, France, QEP IllustrativeTim De Backer, Belgium, QEP Theatre PhotographyPieter De corte, Belgium, QEP PortraitJasmine Debels, Belgium, QEP ReportageAntonio Gibotta, Italy, QEP ReportageJerónimo Heitor Coelho, Portugal, QEP Reportage and QEP Interior ArchitectureJesús Hernández Sales, Spain, QEP PortraitAdy Kerry, UK, QEP Sport ReportageAttila Korbely, Hungary, QEP LandscapeNorbert Lacroix, France, QEP WeddingMarzia Magri, Italy, QEP Portrait Georges Martin, France, QEP IllustrativePeter Mathis, Austria, QEP Landscape and QEP Reportage Antonio Mendes, Portugal, QEP WeddingMatteo Originale, Italy, QEP ReportageStefano Pesarelli, Italy, QEP Reportage Leonid Petrov, Russia, QEP AdvertisingAgnes Stadlmann, Austria, QEP PortraitRui Teixeira, Portugal, QEP WeddingFrancis Tilborghs, Belgium , QEP PortraitCyrille Vidal, France, QEP Sport ReportageMirco Villa, Italy, QEP Landscape

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