Fep European Professional Photographer of the Year 2011 – WINNERS

We are proud to inform you that the winners of probably one of the world’s most important professional photography competitions have now been declared.”The Golden Camera winners represent the best of the best. The judges have worked very hard in selecting the winners from this fine assortment of high quality images”, says Chairman of the Jury, Master QEP, Jørgen Brandt, adding, “The images from the competition illustrates that exceptionally high quality photographic excellence comes in many forms, from different cultural regions – and that we can all find inspiration in this diversity.”Herewith  the list of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Cameras 2011:COMMERCIAL René de Brunn, Germany: FEP European Commercial Golden Camera 2011Xanti Rodriguez, Spain: FEP European Commercial Silver Camera 2011Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez, Spain: FEP European Commercial Bronze Camera 2011ILLUSTRATIVE Oriol Jolonch, Spain: FEP European Illustrative Golden Camera 2011Jose Diogo Freitas, Portugal: FEP European Illustrative Silver Camera 2011Germàn Arce, Spain: FEP European Illustrative Bronze Camera 2011LANDSCAPEOndrej Prosicky, Czech Rep.: FEP European Landscape Golden Camera 2011Filip Kulisev, Slovakia: FEP European Landscape Silver Camera 2011 Jiri Stransky, Czech Rep.: FEP European Landscape Bronze Camera 2011 PORTRAITIgor Sakharov, Russia: FEP HAHNEMÜHLE European Portrait Golden Camera 2011Ingrid van Heteren, Netherlands:  FEP HAHNEMÜHLE European Portrait Silver Camera 2011Carl Tighe, Ireland: FEP HAHNEMÜHLE  European Portrait Bronze Camera 2011REPORTAGEAntonio Gibotta, Italy: FEP European Reportage Golden Camera 2011Paolo Barbuio, Italy: FEP European Reportage Silver Camera 2011Philippe Le Jeune, France: FEP European Reportage Bronze Camera 2011WEDDINGJavier Avis Barrado, Spain: FEP European Wedding Golden Camera 2011Xanti Rodriguez, Spain: FEP European Wedding Silver Camera 2011Jose Luis Guardia Peinado Spain: FEP European Wedding Bronze Camera 2011INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERSSoh Chee Loon Jericho, Singapore: FEP International Photographers’ Golden Camera 2011Lucas Ting, Malaysia:FEP International Photographers’ Silver Camera 2011 Tami Reynolds, Canada: FEP International Photographers’ Bronze Camera 2011STUDENTS/YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERSLuca Leon Fasching, Austria: FEP European Students and Young Photographers’  Golden Camera 2011                      Dawid Krysiak, Poland: FEP European Students and Young Photographers’ Silver Camera 2011Marjan Kegels, Belgium: FEP European Students and Young Photographers’ Bronze Camera 2011The winners of the 6 categories and the 2 special sections will be presented with their FEP European Golden Cameras at an unforgettable ceremony on November 26th in the prestigious gallery of the Silken Hotel, Brussels. From amongst the 6 winners of the 6 categories, we will present the overall winner as our FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2011.The competition is again proudly supported, for the 4th consecutive year, by EPSON, who will print the exhibition of all the winning images.The winner of the Portrait category will receive the HAHNEMUHLE FEP Portrait Golden Camera.