FEP 2010 Competitions: Official Results

FEP European Fine Art Photograph of the Year Award 2010 : Official Results

  1. Diamantino Jesus, Portugal, WINNER
  2. Eric Bernatets, France, SECOND PLACE
  3. Paul Coghlin, United Kingdom, THIRD PLACE
  4. Jose Diogo Freitas, Portugal, FINALIST
  5. Filip Santens, Belgium, FINALIST
  6. Gio Versyck, Belgium, FINALIST
  7. Heinz Effner, Germany, FINALIST
  8. Werner Schuessler, Austria, FINALIST
  9. Ginger Liu, United Kingdom, FINALIST
  10. Bella West, United Kingdom, FINALIST
  11. Rudy Ranke, Netherlands, FINALIST
  12. Enda Cavanagh, Ireland, FINALIST
  13. Jasmine Debels, Belgium, FINALIST

FEP European Photo Book of the Year 2010 Awards – official results

FEP Best Book 2010:

FASHION FOOD – Helge Kirchberger, Austria

Here we have an example of teamwork that has produced a book of the highest quality. The quality of the printing also contributes to the final result, a book in wich fashion and still life combine in images that are both elegant and modern.

Nudes Category Winner: A Pocketful of Nudes – Pascal Baetens, Belgium

Original, simple and well-made in a pocket-sized format that the jury liked, this work manages to maintain a high level of quality in a field that has been explored by many photographers.

Monographs Category Winner: It’s My Book – Maurizio Marcato, Italy

“It’s My Book” unites an original format with high-quality images taken from the different areas the photographer has worked in, and it is all presented beautifully.

Reportage Category Winner: 13 Coins – Luciano Perbellini, Italy

The quality of direct images dealing with an emotionally involving subject. This book involved the collaboration of many people in what was a wide-ranging project.

Portraits Category Winner: Der Zauber des Lebens – Anne Geddes – Collection Rolf Heines, Germany

This prize has been awarded to the publisher for the print quality, the layout, graphic design, choice of paper and all of the things that went into the making this magnificent book of the work of a great professional photographer.

Architecture Category Winner: Contemporary Irish Architecture – Gerry O’Leary, Ireland

Photographs with an elegant, original touch that bring architecture life and give it warmth.

Nature Category Winner: Flusswasser – Walter Oczlon, Austria

“Flusswassser” shows nature without colour, but in an original and simple way that reflects the element that is its subject; water.

Special Mention – Transit – Uwe Ommer, Germany

The jury decided to award a prize to a professional photographer who has worked a great deal on social themes and with this book has created a highly original account of a journey around the world. The publisher, Taschen, also deserves a mention for the quality of the layout and the printing.Only Second One, Nature Category – Amazing Planet – Filip Kulisev, Sanchez Presa(S),Vitali(I), Slovakia