FEP European Photo Book of the Year 2010 opens for entries on October 1st

October 2010The aim of this prize is to promote a photographic book, awarding prizes not only to the photographer but also to the publisher, the designer and all those who use their creativity to create professional products that are an example and an inspiration to lovers of the photographic image.To Adriano Scognamillo, QEP, Chairman of the Jury, photographic books are the best way to become absorbed by a photographer’s world and vision. “In the age of digital photographs, which are viewed and “consumed” so rapidly, looking at a fine photographic book still constitutes the best way to enjoy images. Photographic books allow us to remember the great photographers such as Capa, Avedon, Cartier Bresson… and they make them immortal. It is for this reason that we want to celebrate and reward the work of those photographers and publishers who provide us with beautiful images that we can study, talk about and remember.” he says.The FEP European Photo Book of the Year 2010 Award is the 3rd line of awards initiated by the FEP. “Our aim is to honour and promote creative high quality imaging in all its forms within the photographic industry.”, says FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi. Books published in the last three years are eligible to compete for the prize, but books published privately, digitally or in limited editions are not.Each book can be submitted either by its author or publisher.Books may be entered into one of the following categories:Portraits Reportage Nudes Nature Photography Monographs Commercial (calendars, CDs, DVDs..) For the first edition of this competition, books produced more than 3 years ago may be submitted. These books will be inserted into a special category. Should a book be considered worthy of a prize, the Jury reserves the right to move it to another category or to create a new category for it if it does not fit into the existing categories.The international Jury will consist of at least 5 experts nominated by the FEP and with Adriano Scognamillo, QEP, as chairman. The Jury’s decisions will be final. The winners will be awarded at a special ceremony at the Second FEP European Congress of Professional Photographers, to be held in Lyon, France, on February 6th to 8th 2011. The awards will consist of certificates and an “FEP Golden Book Award”. Authors who gain second and third place IN EACH CATEGORY will be presented with a certificate. From the category winners the jury will then select an Overall Winner, who will be presented with the “FEP European Photo Book of the Year” award. All the books entered can be viewed at the FEP stand at the Second FEP European Congress of Professional Photographers.