FEP summer closure and FEP current activities



FEP Secretariat will make a break for 2 weeks, from August 15 to August 28, but for urgent matters  you can always find us via e-mail.  
This season means for many of us a rest and an amazing holiday time. However, FEP activity will not stop! 
There are 2 important competitions open, the FETA and the World Photographic Cup!  For both of them, the time to register is NOW! 
You can find all information about FETA here and on WPC website www.worldphotographicup.org
As for FETA,  we remind you that this year winner will also get the IPC Kunio Yatomi Scholarship, the same award given to graduate students in Japanese university who major in photo-imaging with outstanding achievement which means a 1000 US dollars check for the winning student, and the ceremony will be held in Amsterdam on November 20th, 2016. 
As for  WPC, we remind at you that last year 3 European teams (Portugal, Russia and Slovakia) cleaned the table of the medals! This year will not be easy to remain on the top spot…but we need a massif participation of al the FEP members associations.  To be selected for a national team, like in the Olympics, it’s a prestige no  other photographic competition can match. And remind that the special rules of the WPC offer all the finalists in each category the chance to bring points  for the team!  Don’t let your association miss that opportunity! FEP members  and previously  entered teams have priority rights, but please consider registering  your team within the end of the month …
There is also a major photographic event coming soon, where FEP is involved, which is photokina. FEP will have a huge booth at the event, where  you will also have the chance to meet the colleagues and to admire a gallery of the best images of our FEP competition,  the WPC winning images and some of the most amazing pictures of our recent qualified QEP and MQEP. More details about that will come soon.
Speaking about the current and next qualifications, we remind you that the registration for the EP are always open (clic here) online through the FEP website , enter it now!
The next QEP and MQEP session will be in Amsterdam, on November 19-20, and registrations are open too, you can find rules and entry forms here.
On November 1st and 2nd is also scheduled the second annual session for the FEP video qulifications, EV and QEV. It will be again in Spain (Segovia, one hour from Madrid) and the dead line for submission is October 20th. Rules and entry form on FEP website here.
Finally, we remind you that the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2017 will open on September 1st. 
 Picture by Ferenc Cegledi, QEP, Hungary

FEP Cover Picture of August 2016


The winner of this month is Eugenio Li Volsi, QEP photographer from Italy
Next round: end of August, for the cover picture of September.
Follow us on facebook to see the submitted pictures or to enter the contest!

WhiteWall is a new official FEP partner

WhiteWall is proudly announcing to be a new official partner of FEP since August 2016. As a trademark of the Berlin-based Avenso GmbH, which has run the photo lab as well as the online photo service WhiteWall.com since 2007. WhiteWall is valued for outstanding quality among professional and hobby photographers alike. A new standard for professional grade photo prints, the online photo lab is revolutionizing the way enthusiasts and pros alike print their pictures. WhiteWall allows anyone to upload, print, mount and frame their images in gallery quality, using award-winning acrylic glass, metal & aluminum prints, and hand crafted solid wood frames.
Over 80 photo magazines have commended the quality of the online photo lab’s work. Those who want to get a firsthand look at why should come to Photokina in Cologne this September. In addition to a WhiteWall stand in Hall 4.1, the FEP stand will feature WhiteWall’s award-winning quality in HD Metal Prints of this year’s winners of the FEP Golden Cameras, WPC Gold Medals, and Master QEPs in cooperation with ChromaLuxe, FEP partner too.
What sets WhiteWall apart is its wide range of premium photo finishing materials, especially acrylic glass, its German craftsmanship, and its ability to deliver made-to-order photo products within 10 business days around the world. All products are available in large, custom sizes, 24/7 on WhiteWall.com. All orders are processed with care and shipped worldwide from the WhiteWall photo lab in Frechen, near Cologne, Germany in custom cut packaging for maximum protection. 
Get to know WhiteWall with a special welcome discount of 20% using the Code* WWFEP2016 
Redeem your voucher on www.WhiteWall.com!
Want to know more about WhiteWall? Check out our Video HERE.
*Valid until 31. October 2016. Not combinable. Only for new customers. Shipping is not included.

photokina 2016 – Imaging Unlimited

RZ LogoPK2016 schwarz

E-Mail Footer photokina 2016 GB NEU

From September 20 to 25 the pulse of the photo, video and imaging industry beats in Cologne, Germany this autumn.

Discover countless fascinating possibilities on all aspects of imaging, and test out brand new technologies.

Meet around 180,000 photographers and videographers and some 1,000 exhibitors from around the world.

In addition to five exciting theme worlds, you can also look forward to a fantastic programme of interesting workshops, impressive displays and exciting events.

Use the chance to enter into a dialogue with imaging pros from all over the world about brand new products and innovations and themes of interest for the industry.

Let yourself be inspired – come to Cologne!

FEP will be present at photokina 2016 with a booth and a printed exhibition. Further news will come soon.



photokina image1photokina image2photokina image3


EP 15th session, official results

EPWe are happy to announce that 14 professional photographers have been awarded with the EP title at the last EP judging session!

Our congratulations go to:

Andreas Zopf, EP, Austria
Dimitri Janssens, EP, Belgium
Dirk Valcke, EP, Belgium
Marc Verhulst, EP,  Belgium
Kattoo Hillewaere, EP, Belgium
Katti Borré, EP, Belgium
Ralitza Soultanova, EP, Belgium
Jan Van Steen, EP, Belgium
Valérie Raynaud,EP, France
Arnaud Gras, EP, France
Dusan Holovej, EP, Slovakia
Katarína Grajcaríková, EP, Slovakia
Agnieszka Tünnissen, EP, Sweden
Natasha Volk, EP, Ukraine
Apply online now for the EP session #16! Deadline September 30.

The FEP FETA Award 2016 is still open for entries

FETA logoOKThe FEP Emerging Talent Award 2016, the contest for the European photographic students and young photographers (under 30 years of age), open on May 16th and will close on September 15th.


The FEP – FETA  award is held in collaboration with a number of Universities and Colleges throughout Europe, aiming to recognize the high standard of photographic image making, taking place in Europe by final year University students and newly qualified young photographers.
The FEP FETA Award 2015 was wan by Christopher Rüsing, student at the Bildungszentrum Handwekskammer Dortmund, Germany. The 2016 winner and the student earning merits will be announced in Amsterdam on Sunday, November 20th at the FETA Award Ceremony.  
We are also happy to announce that the International Photographic Council (IPC, an NGO of the United Nations) has decided to support the FETA Award 2016, and the FETA winner will also receive the IPC Kunio Yatomi Scholarship, the same award given to graduate students in Japanese university who major in photo-imaging with outstanding achievement. This award consists in an IPC certifcate and of an amount of 1000 U.S. dollars which will be given to the winner. Click HERE to have more information about this award. 
There are no change in the rules: 
- A portfolio of 9 images must be submitted through the FEP website.  
- A personal statement must be completed on the application form (in English) explaining the context/theme of the submitted portfolio.
- After the online submission, the FEP secretariat will send by email to the candidates the application form, to fill and send back, together with the proof of the support and the approval of their University/Institute course leader. 
- An entry fee of 20,00 € per portfolio is required.
This year, there are also new on line facilities: the written statement to submit with the images can be submitted directly onto the website when uploading the images. As for the judging, to ensure a complete impartiality each portfolio be given a score by each judge (as a panel of photographs not for individual images). This score will then determine the top portfolios - winner and any merits.  Besides,  judges to give some positive feedback to help the students. Their advice will be sent to each and all entered students after the awards have taken place.
COLLEGES TASKS: The college/university course leaders will select the highest achieving final year students on their course to enter for the award. The maximum number of portfolios which can be sent by each Institute is 5. The course leader will also validate and verify each student’s submission of images.
Further info and a full set of rules HERE  We are looking forward receiving entries from the best emerging talents across Europe! Hurry up, deadline September 15th.

FEP Cover Picture of July 2016

july 2016
FEP Cover Picture of July 2016, by Nina Pauloff, Finland.
Congratulations to this photographer, who is the winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest for a second time in a row!!!!!
New round of the contest: end of July, for the Cover Picture of August

FEP Board Meeting, Torun, Poland

fep board

The FEP Board Members met in Torun, Poland, on June 13th, 2016, in the historical Artus Mansion.
The FEP President, Andreas Barylli-Fayer, thanked Marek Czarnecki and the local administration for helping to prepare and to host such a wonderful event. 
It was enthusiastically appreciated the idea of the FEP President to organize on February 2019 a global event in Wien, Austria, including celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the FEP professional qualifications and also for the 180th anniversary of Daguerre, the hugest international photographic exhibition ever made by FEP and the winner announcement of the 2019 World Photographic Cup. As a pinnacle of the event, called Fête de l'image 2019, on 8th Feb 2019 an exclusive traditional ball in the iconic Hofburg Palace, built majestically by the Habsburg Emperors, will bring photographers coming from around the globe in a one of a kind, unrepeatable magical atmosphere. While the FEP President and an organizing committee will work on the project, by the end of the year a comprehensive proposal will be submitted.
The Board also confirmed the following positions:  
Jean-Félix Bernetel - Vice President; Willem van der Vlies - Financial Controller; Jim Lowe - QEP/MQEP Chairman; 
Johan Brouwers - EP Chairman; Neil Warner - EV/QEV Chairman; Jørgen Brandt - FEP Competition Chairman; Adriano Scognamillo - Chairman of the Book Prize. 
Jim Lowe was appointed FETA Chairman for the next session, while Jean Félix Bernetel, Jorgen Brandt, and Bent Nygaard Larsen will occupy the 3 seats for Europe in the World Photographic Cup Governing Committee. 
After the approval of the midyear budget survey, all associations have been urged to better encourage submissions for the EP and for the FETA award, also to enable and encourage young member recruitment. 
As for PHOTOKINA, a working committee formed by the FEP President, Johan Brouwers, Patrizia Burra, Bernd Gassner and Bent Nygaard Larsen will work in co-operation with the local German Association to organise the participation of the FEP associations to the trade show. 
The next QEP session and Board meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on November 19-21 was confirmed, new fantastic options for the judging sessions 2017 and 2018 were approved:  the summer sessions 2017/2018 will be held in Falmouth University, UK and in Tampere, Finland, while the vote to accept Georgia as the 2nd venue in 2017 was unanimous.
After the Meeting, the FEP President and the CEO met with Fernando Barrio, Board member and President of FEPFI, to discuss the project of a new the Digital Magazine. It was agreed that FEPFI will create and  FEP would circulate a trial number of a new European digital magazine to all its members. The project is at no cost for FEP,  although a FEP representative will overlook the work of the editorial committee.

Picture by Johan Brouwers, QEP


QEP/MQEP summer session 2016, official results

mqep sess torun
We are happy to announce that at the 33rd session of the FEP European Qualifications held in Torun, Poland, on June 11 and 12, 2016, 5 MASTER QEPs and 11 new QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded.

Congratulations to MQEPs:
André Boto, (Second) Master QEP, Portugal
Stephan Huger, Master QEP, Austria
Krister Löfroth, Master QEP, Finland
Igor Sakharov, Master QEP, Latvia
Laila Villebeck, Master QEP, Sweden
And to QEPs: 

Dušan Beňo, Slovakia, QEP Macro Photography
João Carlos, Portugal, QEP Fashion
Pavol Delej, Slovakia, QEP Portrait
Leo Fellner, Austria, QEP Portrait
Nancy Fina, Italy, QEP Fashion
Pekka Homanen, Finland, QEP Fine Art
Pekka Homanen, Finland, QEP Portrait
Antonio Peinado Muñoz, Spain, QEP Nude
Eric Traversie, France, QEP Portrait
Marie-Pascale Vandewalle, Belgium, QEP Reportage
Vladimir Veverka, Slovakia, QEP Portrait


The next QEP/MQEP judging session will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on November 19-20, 2016.
Registrations will open on September 1st, 2016.

Picture by Photographer Eugenio Li Volsi, QEP 


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