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FETA - FEP Emerging Talent Award 

FETA logoOKThe European award for photographic students and young photographers

After the decision of the FEP Board Members to hold the FETA Award Ceremony together with the other FEP Awards in the spring 2018, instead of in the winter 2017, the deadline for entries of the current edition has been postponed to November 30 and the name of the contest has been changed to FETA Award 2018.

Download below the updated rules. 

The award is open to any final year student, studying photography on a 3 years degree or equivalent course “recognised” in that country by the government’s educational validation procedures or conforms to that countries’ educational validating procedures in which the institute, College or University is located. Applicants must be under 30 years of age in the year of submission. 
Call for Entries:  May 15, 2017 

Deadline: November 30, 2017



FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2018 OPEN for entries

POTY 2018 - Banner

 FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2018 - OPEN FOR ENTRIES

It is time to gather the best of your best images – and submit them for the “FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards, 2018”, NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES!
The competition is an unique opportunity for photographers to show-case their work amongst peers from all over Europe – and gain well deserved recognition in Diplomas and Gold, Silver & Bronze cameras for your work.
The FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards competition is open to all professional photographers who are registered and resident in a European country (as defined by the Council of Europe), with no discrimination of sex, race, religion, nationality or ethnicity. The competition is open to both members and non-members of FEP associations.
Main categories are: Commercial, Fashion, Illustartion/DigitalArt, Landscape, Portrait, Reportage/Photojournalism, Sports, Wildlife, Wedding.
A special section is also open for European young photographers, assistants and photographic students up to 30 years of age.
The FEP Awards Ceremony will be held in the spring 2018 and in that occasion we will present all the Bronze, Silver and Golden Cameras and announce the name of the photographer who will get the prestigious title of "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2018".


Picture by Antti Karppinen, QEP, Finland

FEP Cover Picture of September 2017

GAR 9544

FEP Cover Picture of September 2017
Garik Ghazaryan,  Armenia


Congratulations to the Armenian photographer Garik Ghazaryan, winner for the third time this year of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, now also for the edition of September 2017.

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and enter next round!

FEP Cover Picture of August 2017

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FEP Cover Picture of August 2017
Yuri Afanasiev, Russia


Congratulations to QEP photographer Yuri Afanasiev, from Russia, winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the edition of August 2017. 

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and wait the end of the month to enter next round, for the cover of September

EP online session n. 20, official results


We are happy to announce that 4 professional photographers have been awarded with the EP title at the last EP judging session!
Our congratulations go to:

Valter Antunes, EP, Portugal
Anatolie Burdeniuc, EP, Italy
Sabine de Rijbel, EP, Belgium
Jose Fangueiro, EP, Switzerland
Apply online now for the EP session #21! Deadline September, 30, 2017.

FEP Board Meeting, Falmouth, July 2017, Report

board meeting uk

The FEP Board of Directors met in Falmouth, UK, on July 10, 2017. 
The Board meeting followed a very successful judging weekend at the University of Falmouth, where the QEP chairman Jim Lowe teaches at the photography course. This was now the first Board meeting with Anna Kaleva-Tsagklas serving as the CEO.
In the meeting, the Board decided on a change to the qualification rules; in the future also QEP candidates can give a title and a short description to their panels. Also, starting from the second judging session of 2017, the QEP and MQEP application paperwork can be submitted online. The judging itself will continue to be based on prints.
The Board also decided to enlarge the judge pool used in qualifications and competitions. Currently a member association can nominate annually 1-3 judges which then can be used in judgings for either the qualifications or the competition. In the future, member association can nominate two sets of judges, for qualifications and competitions separately.
It was also decided to adjust the timetable of the FETA, the Emerging Talent Award. The deadline of the current will be extended until November and FETA's prizes will be awarded at the same ceremony as the annual European Professional Photographer of the Year - competition's awards.
The FEP events calendar was lightly altered; the Board decided to postpone the judging session in Georgia until 2018. The new location for the second judging session of 2017 will be communicated as soon as it we have it confirmed.
Finally, the FEP Board nominated a new member to the World Photographic Cup Committee; FEP is now represented in the WPC Committee by Jean-Felix Bernetel, Bent Nygaard Larsen and Neil Warner (new member). 

QEP and MQEP July 2017, Official results

RH FEP 2017-4

QEP and MQEP judging session, July 2017, Official Results

We are happy to announce that at the 35th session of the FEP European Qualifications held in Falmouth, UK, on July 8-9, 2017, 6 Master QEPs and 20 new QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded. 

Congratulations to:

Valeria Cassina, Spain, MQEP
Bryn Griffiths, United Kingdom, MQEP
Andy J.J. Hens, Germany, 2nd MQEP
Steven Massart, Belgium, MQEP
Peter Svoboda, Slovakia, MQEP
Jos Verhoogen, Belgium, MQEP

Therese Asplund, Sweden, QEP Portrait
Michael Böhmländer, Austria, QEP Landscape
Thibault Chappe, France, QEP Wedding
Etienne Clotis, France, QEP Portrait
Marie de Verdier Persson, Sweden, QEP Portrait
Åsa Deleau Wiklund, Sweden, QEP Portrait
Karina Jønson, Denmark, QEP Reportage (Posthumous)
Jacky Lecanu, France, QEP Portrait
Rastislav Margus, Czech Republic, QEP Reportage
Piroska Mihalka, Belgium, QEP Illustrative / Fine Art
Eva Rosaria Moreira de Barros, Portugal, QEP Portrait
Martin Morel, France, QEP Wildlife
Paulo Jorge Nunes Pinto, Portugal, QEP Wedding
José Manuel Ortega Romero, Spain, QEP Illustrative / Digital art
Jose Miguel Ortiz Morel, Spain, QEP Wedding 
Grietje Ost, Belgium, QEP Portrait
Inmaculada Purriños Souto, Spain, QEP Architecture
Daniel Sousa Malandra, Spain, QEP Wedding
Martin Steenhaut, Belgium, QEP Wildlife 
Laila Versemann, Denmark, QEP Portrait

Pictures by Robert Heron


The World Photographic Cup 2018 is now OPEN!

WPC logo OK

Team captains,

It’s time to start to create your new national team for the edition 2018!

To facilitate the job, the WPC organization this year scheduled 2 online briefings on July 17th at 09:00 CET (Central Europe Time), and repeated on July 19th at 22:00 CET. It will help you to point the helm towards SeaWorld – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, where hopefully, on May 6th 2018, your team mates and your team itself, will be receiving the prestigious finalist certificates, the amazing medals, and why not grabbing the big trophy!

New award! This year, the WPC also introduced the NEW WPC Nation Awards. This will be given to the authors of the highest scored image of each and all entered teams! So, if everybody is a winner entering the WPC, this is now true more than ever! What do you expect to join this  one of a kind international team competition?

Sure, there are lots of other competitions, but there is just one World Photographic Cup!

Learn more and enter now: http://www.worldphotographiccup.org/wpc-2018/  

FEP Cover Picture of July 2017

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FEP Cover Picture of July  2017
Gvantsa Maghlakelidze,  Georgia


We congratulate with the Georgian photographer Gvantsa Maghlakelidze, winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the edition of July 2017. 

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and wait the end of the month to enter next round, for the cover of August


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