FEP Cover Picture of November 2015

With an incredible number of "likes", his picture won the November edition of the FEP Cover Contest and it is the FEP COVER PICTURE OF THE MONTH!
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WPC 2016, again a record number of entries!

WPC logo - h
The WPC Governing Body, and the 2 WPC Friends, Chromaluxe and Koylab, are happy to announce that the third edition of the World Photographic Cup received the record number of 28 registered teams from 4 continents!
The breakdown:
16 countries from Europe, with Russia as a new entry
3 countries from America, including Mexico as a new entry
7 countries from Asia, including China as a new entry
2 countries from Oceania
Next steps:
All the submitted photographs will be visible on the WPC website once the judging is complete (December 2015). 
The finalist images in each category will be announced and shown at Imaging USA in Atlanta, on January 11, 2016, and circulated after that. 
Medalists and winners will be announced later. 
Then, the original Cup won by the USA team at both first and second edition will be shipped to Oporto, Portugal, for the WPC Awards Ceremony 2016 which will be held on March, 14th, 2016!

The venue for the presentation of the 2017 and 2018 editions have also been awarded:
Japan (Yokohama, February, 23rd, 2017)
Australia (2018)

Which country will take over the top spot from team USA, the defending champion? 
Portugal, Australia (2nd and 3rd place finishers in 2015) or one of the other participating countries who all have outstanding submissions? Let’s wait and see!!!!

The WPC was founded in 2013 as a cooperative effort by The Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Its singular goal is to unite photographers in a spirit of friendship and cooperation.  A Governing Committee (from 7 different countries) has been created to conduct the ongoing affairs of the competition, also supported by UAPP (United Asian Professional Photography) and AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). 
The committee is formed by Jørgen Brandt (Denmark, Chairman of the WPC Jury 2016), Dennis Craft (USA), Don Dickson (USA), Kylie Lyons (Australia), Don MacGregor (Canada), Noboru Okamoto (Japan), Bruno Vetters (Belgium), and Martin Vrabko (Slovakia), plus Giuseppe Scozzi (Italy) in the position of  CEO. 
To learn more: www.worldphotographiccup.org

EP 11th session, official results


We are happy to announce that at the 11th EP online session, 13 new EP Photographers have been awarded!

Our congratulations go to:

Tiny Ballegeer, EP, Belgium
Jef Celen, EP,  Belgium
Sabine Fannes, EP,  Belgium
Jerome Gielkens, EP,  Belgium
Cecilie Hatløy, EP,  Norway
Daniel Hens, EP,  Belgium
Sergiy Kadulin, EP, Ukraine
Karen Ketels, EP,  Belgium
Karel Mus, EP,  Belgium
Ken Pimontel, EP,  Belgium
Luis Rüsing, EP, Germany
Jessy Vandenbroucke, EP, Belgium 
Pascale Vandewalle, EP, Belgium

Photography Masters Conference IV edition

Photography Masters Conference IV edition - Grado, Italy - Dec. 12-13 - Special fee for FEP members!
We are delighted to announce the next edition of the Photography Masters Conference that will be held on December 12th and 13th in Grado (GO) – Italy.
Now at its fourth edition, the Conference will bring together leading professional photographers from 5 European countries who will share their works, insights and know-how and will provide participants with an excellent opportunity to enhance their photography skills.
The program will include:
December, 12th: Saturday, a program of 2 lectures with renowned international speakers: Gonzalo Puertas (Spain) will bring his experience in commercial photography and  Robert Larsen (Germany) will give a speech on  nonassigned project design and management. In the afternoon a half-day workshop with Ian Munro (UK) on “The Art of Storytelling”. A photographic contest is linked to the conference and open only to the participants.
December, 13th: The program Sunday will open with Vicente Esteban (Spain) MQEP and his “Walk with the classics” which will be followed by Italian MQEP Emanuele Carpenzano with a lecture on contemporary wedding photography. 
Then Uli Staiger (Germany) will show his adventures in the magic world of 3D images and finally Sven Germann (Swiss) will disclose his journey “From advertising to Portrait”

FEP Meeting in Brussels

20151002 FEP board meeting Brussels-foto Luk Collet-0590

October, 2, 2015.

Meeting in Brussels over FEP financial aspects, 
with FEP President Andreas Barylli-Fayer, FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi, FEP Executive Assistant Martina Scozzi, FEP Treasurer Nikki Huts, FEP Financial Auditor Willem van der Wlies, FEP Event Manager Anna Kaleva-Tsagklas. Also attending President's assistant Ursula Kralupper and Treasurery Assistant Peggy Deneve and also Norber Soenen.

Picture by Luk Collet.

Reminder! FEP Photographer of the Year 2016 is open for entries


It is time to gather the best of your best images – and submit them for the “FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards, 2016”!
The competition is an unique opportunity for photographers to show-case their work amongst peers from all over Europe – and gain well deserved recognition in Diplomas and Gold, Silver & Bronze cameras for your work.
This year we are introducing :
-                     3 new categories – FASHION, SPORT and WILDLIFE.  Images for Reportage/Photojournalism, Wildlife, Sport and Landscape should be single image pictures.
-                     new facilities, in order to make the procedure easier for the entrants.
We also intend to highlight more intensively the achievements of Medallists and Diploma holders on our FEP web-site. There will be special galleries where individual photographers’ images are going to be displayed  – to help you all promote your well-deserved achievements!
We look forward to welcoming you, and your work in the “FEP Photographer of the Year Awards 2016”.
Why wait? Send your entries in NOW!
Jørgen Brandt, MQEP, Chairman of the Competition



The FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2016 opened on August 1st. Deadline for entries: December 31st.
There will be 10 in total (9 categories + the students’ special section):
•             Commercial (including Advertising, Architecture, Corporate etc.)
•             Fashion
•             Illustration 
•             Landscape *
•             Wildlife *
•             Portrait
•             Reportage/Photojournalism *
•             Sports *
•             Wedding
•             Students & Young Photographers
* Please note: in the Reportage, Sports, Wild life and Landscape categories the content of the image must not be altered. Only retouching which conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed. Only single-frame images will be accepted. Composite and multiple exposure images will not be accepted. The jury is the ultimate arbiter.
For photographers who are not members of an FEP member association, an entry fee of 30,00 Euros for a first set of 3 images on each category is mandatory. They can enter all the 9 categories.
For photographers who are members of an FEP member association, an entry fee of 20,00 Euros for a first set of 3 images in 1 category is mandatory. They can enter all the 9 categories.
EP, QEP and MASTER QEP holders can enter a first set of 3 images in 1 category for free. They can enter all the 9 categories.
For Young Photographers, assistants and students an entry fee of 10,00 Euros for a first set of 3 images in their special section is mandatory.
Students may enter only their special section.
For all entrants, any additional submitted image, other than the first set of 3 images in one category, a fee of 10,00 Euros per picture will be charged.
The online judging will start just after the closure of the competition, scheduled at the end of the year. The judges will be selected among the ones nominated by the FEP member associations.
The following awards will be issued:
FEP European Wedding Golden Camera Award
FEP European Portrait Golden Camera Award
FEP European Commercial Golden Camera Award
FEP European Fashion Golden Camera Award
FEP European Sports Golden Camera Award
FEP European Reportage/Photojournalism Golden Camera Award
FEP European Landscape Golden Camera Award
FEP European Wildlife Golden Camera Award
FEP European Illustrative and Fine Art Golden Camera Award
FEP European Students & Young Photographers Golden Camera Award

and the overall winner: The FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2016, which will be announced at the FEP Awards Ceremony 2016.
For entries and further info CLICK HERE

Picture by Emily Van Den Broucke, EP, Belgium

FEP Cover Picture of October 2015

The FEP Cover Picture of the Month this time has bee won by GIANNI LEPORE, professional photographer from Italy.
Discover all the submitted pictures on our official facebook page and don't forget to enter the next round at the end of the month, to compete for the FEP Cover Picture of November!


Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus 2015-2016

Al via l'edizione 2015-2016 del NWAC, il Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus 

NWAC, acronimo di Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus, è un modo nuovo di informare e confrontarsi sulle tematiche e le opportunità legate alla professione di fotografo di matrimonio. Quattro imperdibili appuntamenti di durata settimanale tra novembre 2015 e marzo 2016 – a Torino, Riccione, Verona e Catania - alla presenza dei più affermati professionisti del settore.
Dopo il successo dello scorso anno, il NWAC, Nikon Wedding Advanced Campus, si rinnova con l'edizione 2015-2016. Supportato dalla Nital di Moncalieri (TO), distributore per l'Italia dei prodotti a marchio Nikon, e da sponsor di prestigio come Epson, Grange, Profoto, Album Epoca, Manfrotto, Associazione Nazionale Fotografi di Matrimonio, ANV, CNA, FEP, Tau Visual, Confartigianato Fotografi, il NWAC nasce con lo scopo di garantire ai fotografi di matrimonio le informazioni e la preparazione tecnica necessarie a svolgere al meglio la loro professione, in un mercato soggetto a rapidi cambiamenti e caratterizzato da una clientela sempre più preparata ed esigente.
Rivolti a chi aspira a diventare o è già un professionista del settore, i quattro appuntamenti in programma – a Torino, Riccione, Verona e Catania - definiranno un percorso formativo fatto non solo di tecnica fotografica e di ripresa, ma in grado di toccare anche i delicati aspetti del marketing, della comunicazione, della gestione aziendale, quindi i meccanismi indispensabili a ottimizzare la propria visibilità su Internet e in particolare sulle più affermate piattaforme sociali.
Il NWAC, Nikon Wedding Advacned Campus, è un collettore di idee che punta al confronto, all'aggiornamento e allo scambio, grazie alla presenza di docenti la cui autorevolezza è riconosciuta in tutta Europa.
Mark Seymour, Andre Boto, Andrei Balabasov, Pascal Baetens, Emanuele Carpenzano, Nadia Di Falco, Nancy Fina, Ivana Porta, Gianluca Catzeddu, Lorenzo Colloreta, Mirko Santangelo, sono alcuni dei master che faranno da guida nei workshop settimanali di:
• Torino (1-8 novembre 2015): Stage Introduttivo alla professione di Fotografo Matrimonialista
• Riccione (22-29 novembre 2015): Stage di perfezionamento – Posa e luce nella fotografia di matrimonio
• Verona (17-24 gennaio 2016): Stage di perfezionamento – Post-produzione per fotografi di matrimonio
• Catania (13-20 marzo 2016): Stage di perfezionamento – La fotografia di nudo e il racconto matrimonialista
Il NWAC in numeri
4 appuntamenti di durata settimanale - 180 ore di corso - 18 master - 24 giorni di full immersion - 60 partecipanti (numero massimo).
Info e contatti www.nwac.it

FEP Video Qualifications! The QEV

150470 FEP lg QEV low

We are happy to inform you that in addition to the EV first qualification session we are ready to follow the Board Members proposal to have also a test QEV session in Spain next November, hoping that it will be the first of a long series!  
The rules are more or less the same of the EV. The main differences are the cost (150 euro instead of 50), and the video to submit are 5 instead of 3. While the EV can be a mixture of categories (the certificate is without category) , the QEV must be submitted in only one of the following categories: social reportage; drawing and documentary feature; commercial and industrial; free creation. 
The candidate will be claimed successful with an average score of 15 points or above, that means they must obtain 60% of the votes in favour to be successful. 
To allow and encourage people to apply, we extended the QEV deadline to November 15 instead of October 30. 


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