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QEP session in Tampere, Finland, June 2018 - Official results

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QEP and MQEP judging session, June 2018, Official Results

We are happy to announce that at the 37th session of the FEP European Qualifications held in Tampere, Finland, on June 09, 2018, new 3 Master QEP and 11 QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded. 

Congratulations to:

Andrea Ciapetti, Italy, MASTER QEP
Johanna Sjövall, Finland, MASTER QEP
Jan Šmíd, Czech Republic, MASTER QEP

Katti Borre, Belgium, QEP Reportage
Dario Caruso, France, QEP Portrait
Antoine Dominique, France, QEP Portrait
Marco Garofalo, Italy, QEP Fine Art
Marek Hajkovský, Slovakia, QEP Commercial
Lari Järnefelt, Finland, QEP Portrait
Mika Levälampi, Finland, QEP Commercial
Sami Reivinen, Finland, QEP Fine Art
Berten Steenwegen, Belgium, QEP Portrait
Anu Sundell, Finland, QEP Portrait
Emmi Virtanen, Finland, QEP Portrait

Congratulations to all new qualified photographers!

Picture by Tiina Puputti, Finland

FEP Cover Picture of June 2018

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FEP Cover Picture of June 2018
Martin Pitoňák, EP, Slovakia 


Congratulations to the photographer Martin Pitoňák, EP from Slovakia. He is the winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the edition of June 2018.

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and enter next round and/or vote for your favourite picture!

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EP online session n.24, official results

We are happy to announce that 9 professional photographers have been awarded with the EP title at the last EP judging session!
Our congratulations go to:
Michael Kainz, EP, Austria
Luc de Cock, EP, Belgium
Gino Defauw, EP, Belgium
Marleen Verbruggen, EP, Belgium
Tsvetan Tomchev, EP, Bulgaria
Andreas Brandt, EP, Germany
Ernesto Medeiros, EP, Portugal
Martin Pitonak, EP, Slovakia
Lena Lee, EP, Sweden
Apply online now for the EP session #25! Deadline for apply: June, 30, 2018.

World Photographic Cup 2019 in Drammen, Norway

2019 Norway

The city of Drammen, in Norway, will be the place for hosting the WPC FINALS 2019!  The dates for the event is April 8th  and the venue is planned to be at the Drammen Theater. 

Following the decision of the WPC Governing Committee, the news of Norway being the chosen arena for the 2019 WPC finals was received with enthusiasm and joy by local association. A special committee has already started the planning, booking venues and looking for adequate program for the lectures.

Here are some links you might be interested to visit:
“I look forward to meeting and hosting you all in Norway on  April 2019 – said Truls Lotvedt, President of FEP and the Norwegian association  –  celebrating our international friendship and cooperation, together with the hosting of one more exciting WPC finals event. I hope that the international guests also will take the opportunity to extend their stay in our beautiful country for some more days, at least we will spread information to make that a tempting thought “

World Photographic Cup 2018 Results announced. Team USA strikes again!

WPC Winner 2018

The World Photographic Cup 2018 winners announced.

Team USA strikes again! 


After winning the cup at home in 2014, and again in France on 2015, the winner of the 2018 World Photographic Cup is... Team USA again!
The second place goes to Australia, with Mexico in the third place.
Individual gold medals go to Australia, Finland, Malaysia, Singapore and USA.

Individual winners and the Cup winning Team of the 2018 World Photographic Cup (WPC), sponsored by the FEP – Federation of European Professional Photographers, PPA – Professional Photographers of America, the UAPP – United Asian Professional Photography and the AIPP – Australian Institute of Professional Photography, has been  finally announced on May 6th , aside the Head On photo show, in the Chauvel Cinema theatre in Sydney, Australia, in cooperation with the hosting AIPP.

30 national photographic teams (best record ever) entered the fifth edition of this one of a kind Olympics-styled competition, from Europe, Asia, North America and South America and Oceania.
The Golden medals in the six categories went to: Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland, for the commercial category,  Ben Shirk, USA, for “illustrative”, EngTong Tan, Malaysia (“nature”), Keren Dobia, Australia, for “portrait”, Gail Nogle, USA for the “reportage/photojournalism", and  Raymond Phang -Singapore for “wedding”.  

Also appears in the medals table: silver medal Ben Shirk, USA and bronze medal Andreas Varro, Sweden in the commercial category; silver medal Eduardo Gómez,Mexico and bronze medal Vincent O’Byrne, Ireland for illustration/digital art; silver medal David Eliud Gil Samaniego Maldonado, Mexico and bronze medal Dan McClanahan, USA for “nature”; silver medal Erich Caparas, USA and bronze medal Haseo Hasegawa, Japan in the portrait category; silver medal Christopher Ian,  Australia and bronze medal Paul Wright, Canada for the reportage/photojournalism; and finally silver medal Marceliano Munoz, USA and bronze medal Deric Wan Kin Tong , Malaysia for “wedding”.

While gold, silver, and bronze medals have been awarded to the individual creators in each of the 6 categories, teams were awarded points for top ten finishes. They received 10 points for gold, 9 for silver, 8 bronze and that follows to the tenth top image. Ireland team finished the competition in 10th place, tied with Singapore. They also finished in a two-way tie in 8th place Finland and Japan, with Portugal (defending champion) in 7th and Malaysia in the 6th place.  In an amazing 5th place, Russia. In the 4th place, just close to the podium, Sweden.

The third place trophy, with 2 silver medals plus 3 top-ten finishes, went to Mexico (first time on the podium!)
The second place trophy, with 1 gold and 1 silver medal, plus 3 top-ten finishes,  went to the home Team Australia (third time on the podium since 2014). 

And the winner of the 2018 World Photographic Cup, with 6 medals (2 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze)  plus 4 top-ten finishes, was Team USA (already winning in 2014 and 2015). 

“Congratulations to Team USA for winning the WPC for the 3rd time, and to all the winners! An incredibly competition, with a huge variety of winners, from 4 continents,  is exactly what the WPC committee could hope for”, commented Kylie Lyons, representing Australia at the WPC Governing Committee. “It has been amazing to host the ceremony and to see so many photographers and so many beautiful images coming from around the globe!”. 
“It has never been a program that involves photography like this”, added Giuseppe Scozzi, WPC Chief Executive. “We really experienced the groundswell of enthusiasm from photographers to create the finest they can in the hope of representing their country!”
The WPC CEO also thanked the AIPP for having organized such a beautiful event, and announced that the next WPC finals will be held in Drammen, Norway on April 8th, 2019.
He finally thanked the WPC Gold Sponsors ChromaLuxe and KoyLab, two important companies related to the photographic market, for their continuous support to the project and to the professional photographers around the globe.

FEP Cover Picture of May 2018

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FEP Cover Picture of May 2018
Terri Lindholm, QEP, Sweden


Congratulations to the Swedish photographer Terri Lindholm, winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month contest, for the edition of May 2018.

Look at all submitted images at our official page on facebook and enter next round and/or vote for your favourite picture!

EP online session n.23 official results

We are happy to announce that 12 professional photographers have been awarded with the EP title at the last EP online judging session!
Our congratulations go to:
Julia Hiegetsberger, Austria
Richard Buijsman, Belgium
Danny Van Rompaey, Belgium
Natalia Pipkina, Norway
Bjørn Tore Stokke, Norway
Fernando Duarte, Portugal
Nuno Vasconcelos, Portugal
Alexandra Carvalho, Portugal
Dmitry Bocharov, Russia
Aleksey Dovgulya, Russia
Tord Saxin, Sweden
Bente Jönsson, Sweden

Apply online now for the EP session #24!
 Deadline April, 30, 2018.

A big thanks to our competition judges!

POTY 2018 - Banner

The FEP wants to give a warm thanks to the judges of the FEP Professional Photographer of the Year 2018 Competition. Your work is a precious resource for us and an high quality contribution to the world of professional photographers! Hundreds of photos to see, study, judge ... The time you spent there was very a lot, thank you!
Thanks to:

Jury 1 (Wedding/Portrait/Illustration)
Nunzia Borrelli, QEP (Italy) 
Tom Doherty, QEP (Ireland) 
Tiina Haring, MQEP (Finland)
Terri Lindholm, QEP (Sweden)
Rui Teixeira, MQEP (Portugal)
Jury 2 (Commercial/Fashion/Landscape)
Antonio Barrella, MQEP (Italy)
Pierre Delaunay, MQEP (France)
Martin Krystynek, QEP (Slovakia)
Eva Helene Storm Hanssen (Norway)
Jury 3 (Reportage/Sports/Wildlife/Students)
Jeronimo Heitor Coelho, MQEP (Portugal) 
Milos Fic, QEP (Czech Rep)
Mary Guillen, MQEP (Spain) 
Franck Lecrenay, MQEP (France)
Jens Eldøy (Norway)
The FEP officially wants to send a warm thanks also to MQEP Jørgen Brandt from Denmark, who chaired this competition with great passion and professionalism from 2011 to 2018.  He has been awarded at the FEP Awards Ceremony with a FEP Merit Award. From the next edition, the new Chairman will be the former board member QEP Johan Brouwers, from Belgium.

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