The 5th China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition Contest

5th CIDPAE poster


China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition sponsored by Photography Museum of Lishui China has already been successfully held for 4 sessions since launched in 2010.The entrants cover 46 countries and regions of 5 continents around the world. The purpose of the exhibition is to provide a platform for communication of international photography art, promote the mutual study and make friends, exhibit the modern photography works, introduce the pioneer photographers and provide works for experts to study the regular pattern and trend of the development of photography. 

Closing Date:15 August 2015 
Judging Date : September 2015
Exhibition Date: November 2015
Exhibition Place: Lishui, China 

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FEP Cover Picture of May 2015

Congratulations to Andrey Balabasov, Germany, QEP Wedding and QEP Portrait, and also winner of the FEP European Wedding Golden Camera 2015, who won the "COVER PICTURE OF THE MONTH" contest for the month of MAY 2015, with this wonderful picture:

cover may15
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Mark Sykes FBIPP, QEP

Mark Sykes FBIPP, QEP
Mark in Moscow with Jim Sue and two soldiers
25th April, in history saw the beginning of the Gallipoli campaign, a date many, on whatever side, will find difficult to forget.  Not that his friends and colleagues will need reminding, the date when we said goodbye forever to that stoical, brilliant, witty man, Mark Sykes. 
Those of us who followed his postings on Facebook will never be able to look at a full English breakfast again without fond memories. Mark was the kind of guy I was proud to call a friend, the sort where because of geographical implications you didn't meet very often, but when you did it was as if you had been together in the pub the night before. As a photographer, he was second to none and gave freely of his expertise, an inspiration to us all in oh so many ways! Triumph and disaster were treated with the same sardonic grin and a large glass of some Scottish beverage. We became very strong friends after spending a week together in Moscow as guests of the Russian Photographic Association. I knew him ever since we were judges on the A&Q panel of the BIPP for many years. His talent as a photographer and humour were second to none, and it was a privilege to have known him. I still use anecdotes he gave me on professional practice for commercial photography in my lectures to students on my BA (hons) course in Falmouth University. So he is still passing on his skills to the next generation. 
Mark was an excellent judge for the Federation of European Photographers Qualifications Board in Brussels. Many times these European photographers asked why Mark did not become a regular judge in Europe as he was very good at critiquing images in a positive way, which the audience in Europe found fascinating. They learnt so much from him, as did the Russians, he was such a fantastic advertising photographer who could communicate easily either to a large group or on a one to one basis.
The comment from the French Judge, Jean Charles Castel sums up what I have said, I HAD THE CHANCE OF MEETING MARK : NICE GUY, WONDERFUL WORK !! RIP MARK ! 
Mark obviously made an impression on him. 
Now he has gone, there is a big void in my life. I will miss his talent, his wit, his British (Yorkshire) eccentricity, and his humanity. His battle with the cancer, which took him far too soon is a lesson to us all, a middle finger raised against its stranglehold.

World Photographic Cup 2015 - Official Results

...the winner of the 2015 World Photographic Cup with 4 medals and 9 top-ten finishes, for the second year on a row, is Team USA!

LAW 6915low

Montpellier, France, April 12th, 2015
The World Photographic Cup 2015 winners announced ! 
Gold medals went to Belgium, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and USA. 
Defending champion Team USA won the World Photograhic Cup.  
Individual winners and the Cup winning Team of the 2015 World Photographic Cup (WPC), sponsored by the FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers, PPA – Professional Photographers of America, the UAPP – United Asian Professional Photography and the AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography, has been  finally announced on April 12th, in Montpellier, France, aside Les Rencontres de la Photographie Professionnelle, organized by the French professional association (GNPP).
27 national photographic teams entered the second edition of this unique, one of a kind Olympics-styled competition, from 4 continents (18 from Eastern and Western Europe, 5 from Asia, 2 from North America and 2 from Oceania). 
The Golden medals in the six categories went to: 
Ben Shirk (USA), for portrait and wedding (Ben also got a silver medal  in the illustrative category!)  
Diogo Freitas (Portugal), illustrative category (Diogo also won a bronze medal in the commercial category).
Koen De Langhe (Belgium), for Landscape
Amber Griffin  (New Zealand), for the commercial category
Roberto Alonso Quintana (Spain), for Reportage/Photo Journalism 
Also appears in the medals table: silver Andre Brito (Portugal) and bronze medalist Evgeni Kolesnik (Ukraine), for the portrait category; Kenneth Martin (silver, USA) and Mauricio Abreu (bronze, Portugal) for the landscape/wild life; Anuchai Secharunputong (Thailand), a bronze medal in the illustrative, silver Marcos Rodriguez (Spain) and bronze Joshua Holko (Australia) for the photo-journalism reportages, James Simmons (silver, Australia) and Antti Karppinen (bronze, Finland) for the wedding pictures, and finally Hannes Kutzler, (Austria), silver medalist in the commercial category.  
While gold, silver, and bronze medals have been awarded to the individual creators in each category, teams were awarded points for top ten finishes. They received 10 points for gold, 9 for silver, 8 bronze and that follows to the tenth top image. The top ten positions were decided literally on decimal points which suggests a very, very tight team competition. 
They finished the competition in a two-way tie for the 9th place Norway and Czech Republic, and in another two-way tie in 7th place France and Slovakia. All alone in 6th place, New Zealand. In 5th place Austria, and in a 4th place, just close to the podium, Spain. 
The third place trophy, with 2 medals and 8 top-ten finishes, went to Team Australia. 
The second place trophy, with 4 medals and 7 top-ten finishes went to Team Portugal.   
And the winner of the 2015 World Photographic Cup with 4 medals and 9 top-ten finishes, for the second year on a row, is Team USA. 
“Congratulation to Team USA and all the winners. An incredibly close competition is exactly what the WPC committee could hope for, commented the Chairman of  WPC Judging Committee Martin Vrabko”, who also tanked the 27 team coordinators and the 15 international judges for their amazing job.. “All countries having great entries and all countries “dancing with tenths of points” to determine the winner. It has been exciting to see such a great images coming from around the globe, and really hard to judge them! “ 
“It’s a unique feeling coming out from a unique competition” -  added Giuseppe Scozzi, WPC Chief Executive. “ And it is amazing to see great photographers and their proud associations’ representatives standing tall and expressing the pride they have in their country and the passion in their craft.  We are grateful to our French colleagues of the GNPP  to have hosted and perfectly organized such a prestigious event.”  
The WPC CEO also announced that after the celebration made in USA in 2014, and France this year, the next hosting countries will be Australia in 2016 and Japan in 2017.
He finally added that 2  important companies related to the photographic market, CHROMALUXE and KOYLAB will be proudly supporters and  “friends” of  the WPC for the next  two years.
The WPC was founded in 2013 as a cooperative effort by The Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Its singular goal is to unite photographers in a spirit of friendship and cooperation.
The WPC is governed by an international committee, formed by Jørgen Brandt (Denmark), Dennis Craft (USA), Don Dickson (USA), Kylie Lyons (Australia), Don MacGregor (Canada), Noboru Okamoto (Japan), Bruno Vetters (Belgium), and Martin Vrabko (Slovakia), Chairman of the Judging panel.   
LAW 6598low
Each country can only be represented by one team, which is created by a national association comprised of professional photographers. Each team picks its own photographers and images to enter. 
Teams submit up to three images in each of six categories: Portrait, Wedding, Commercial (including advertising, architecture, industrial, fashion), Illustrative/Digital art, Reportage/Photojournalistic and Landscape/Wildlife. Teams may choose to enter the images of a single photographer in multiple categories. However, no single photographer may have multiple images entered into a single category
INDIVIDUAL RESULSTS (Medalists and Finalists)
Amber Griffin, New Zealand, Gold Medal
Hannes Kutzler,  Austria, Silver Medal
Diogo Freitas, Portugal, Bronze Medal
Thomas Larsen, Norway, finalist, 4th place
Aaron Hockley, USA, finalist, 5th place
Eric Bernatets, France, finalist, 6th place
Stef King, Australia, finalist, 7th place
David Sievers, Australia, finalist, 8th place 
Enda Cavanagh, Ireland, finalist, 9th place
Mike Hollman, New Zealand, finalist, 10th place
Diogo Freitas, Portugal, Gold Medal
Ben Shirk, USA, Silver Medal
Anuchai Secharunputong, Thailand, Bronze Medal
Diamantino Jesus, Portugal, finalist, 4th place
Andre Boto, Portugal, finalist, 5th place
Lim Myeoung Hwan, South Korea, finalist, 6th place 
Stig Håvard Dirdal, Norway, finalist, 7th place
Jesús Miguel Muel De Dios, Spain, finalist, 8th place 
Kelly Gerdes, Australia, finalist, 9th place
Hannes Kutzler, Austria, finalist, 10th place
Koen De Langhe, Belgium, Gold Medal
Kenneth Martin, USA, Silver Medal
Mauricio Abreu, Portugal, Bronze Medal
Otakar Metlička, Czech Republic, finalist, 4th place
Ján Štovka, Slovakia, finalist, 5th place
Piotr Krupa, Poland, finalist, 6th place
Matej Michalík, Slovakia, finalist, 7th place
Martin Morel, France, finalist, 8th place
Scott Seeley, USA, finalist, 9th place  
Gabriel Lipták, Slovakia, finalist, and 
Roger Wandless, New Zealand, finalist both 10th place
Ben Shirk, USA, Gold Medal
Andre Brito, Portugal, Silver Medal
Evgeni Kolesnik, Ukraine, Bronze Medal
Peter Rossi, Australia, finalist, 4th place
Johanna Cavel, France, finalist, 5th place
William Branson, USA, finalist, 6th place  
Brigitte Corn, Austria, finalist, 7th place
Natalia Benčicová, Slovakia, finalist, 8th place
Frans Lahaye, The Netherlands, finalist, 9th place  
Penny Nichols, New Zealand, finalist, 10th place
Roberto Alonso Quintana, Spain, Gold Medal
Marcos Rodríguez, Spain, Silver Medal
Joshua Holko, Australia, Bronze Medal
Jon Allyn, USA, finalist, 4th place
Jan Hetfleisch Austria, finalist, 5th place
Matt Palmer, Australia, finalist, 6th place
Miloš Fic, Czech Republic, finalist, 7th place
Imants Urtāns, Latvia, finalist, 8th place
Paul Wright, Canada, finalist, 9th place
Jim La Sala, USA, finalist, 9th place
Ingo Arndt, Germany, finalist, 9th place
Ben Shirk, USA, Gold Medal
James Simmons, Australia, Silver Medal
Antti Karppinen, Finland, Bronze Medal
Neil Williams, New Zealand, finalist, 4th place
Faustino Maldonado Román, Spain, finalist, 5th place
David Wheeler, UK, finalist, 6th place
Kim Min Suk, South Korea, finalist, 7th place
Kelly Tunney, Australia, finalist, 8th place
Miguel Rolo, Portugal, finalist, 9th place
Søren Friis, Denmark, finalist, 10th place

Pictures in this article are by Didier Law.

FEP European Photo Book of the Year Award 2015 - Official Results

We are happy to announce the category’s winners of the 3rd FEP European Photo Book of the Year Award 2015.

Congratulations to:
New Horizons – ph. Bruno Van Den Elshout – The Eriskay Connection, FEP BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR 2015
best book


0 BESTBest Book Of The Year 2015: New Horizons ph. Bruno Van Den Elshout – The Eriskay Connection.
An amazing artist whose expressive language is capable of going beyond reality, allowing your imagination to take flight.

A ChernobylReportage – The Long Shadow Of Chernobyl – ph. Gerd Ludwig - Edition Lammerhuber
B GullPortrait – Gull (Gold)– ph. Arnfinn Johnsen – Font Forlag
C Out Of Thin AirLandscape – Out Of Thin Air – ph. Daragh Muldowney – Dulra 
D Buffalo BalladNature Photography – Buffalo Ballad – ph. Heidi e Hans Jurgen Koch – Edition Lammerhuber
E The NudeNude  – The Box – ph. Eric Kellerman – Galerie Vevais
G Mash UpCommercial – Mash-Up – ph. Antonio Barrella – Marchesi
The International Jury, also awarded with 3 Special Mentions:
Speciale1 InVisibleIn/visible – ph. Ann Christine Woehrl, Laura Salm - Edition Lammerhuber
Speciale2 SnapDragonsSnap Dragons – ph. David Cantwell 
Speciale3 WithOpenEyesMed Apne Oyne (With Open Eyes) – ph. Hans Jorgen Brun 
International Jury was composed by: Daniele Lupattelli, Philippa Stannard, Damiano Leone, Iain Adams, Luca Delogu
Chairman of the Competition: Adriano Scognamillo
In the picture, also Giuseppe Scozzi, FEP Chief Executive Officer (Picture by Adriano Scognamillo).

0 Giuria

FEP Cover Picture of April 2015

April 2015 - Emmi Virtanen - FinlandCongratulations to Emmi Virtanen, EP from Finland. This picture is the FEP Cover Picture of the Month for April 2015! Next round of the contest at the end of April for the cover of May... follow us on facebook!

Stellar just confirmed the partnership!

stellar data recovery
One of our first "Friends of FEP", STELLAR DATA RECOVERY,  just confirmed the partnership with FEP for the next 2 years!!! Many thanks and best wishes!!!

EP 8th session - Official results


We are happy to announce that at the EP session n.8,  21 new EP Photographers have been awarded!

Our congratulations go to:
Anna Arvidsson, EP, Sweden
Klaus Bauer, EP, Austria
Olivier Béaslas, EP, Finland
Frederic Beckers, EP, Belgium
Marie de Verdier Persson, EP, Sweden
Åsa Deleau Wiklund, EP, Sweden
Gwenny Eeckels, EP, Belgium
Gert Hognert, EP, Sweden
Daniël Hoitink, EP, The Netherlands
Marie-Louise Le Goff, EP, France
Nikolozi Meskhi, EP, Georgia
Linda Otterstedt, EP, Sweden
Jenny Puronne, EP, Sweden
Vincenzo Quartarone, EP, Italy
Kris Rogiers, EP, Belgium
Jenny Sandberg, EP, Sweden
Anne Schneidersmann, EP, Germany
Karin Schulz, EP, Sweden
Eszter Simone, EP, Sweden
Tânia Teixeira, EP, Portugal
Jeanette Utell Elfström, EP, Sweden

Congratulations again!
Apply online now for the new EP session n. 9!
Learn more about EP qualification HERE
(Deadline April 30th)

Almanac of Pictures with Soul

Almanac of Pictures with Soul


The word ‘almanac’ has gained a very specific status throughout the cultural history of the Czech lands, Moravia and Silesia, referring to an anthology of ideas associated with important anniversaries. Moreover, it has also marked a selection of texts written in connection of a remarkable transition of a historical threshold. 
Regarding this, however, we do not perceive the Almanac of Works of Members of the Czech Professional Photographers Association, which you are just about to open, as a milestone. We rather see it as an attempt to follow up the once excellent tradition, the age of photography movement dynamic development in our country, as well as an effort to prove that, despite the current difficult situation of the photographer profession, members of the ‘Association’ do not forget, that what brought them to photography was their desire for self-expression, inner longing to perceive and treat photography as a modern visual mean of interpersonal communication. 
Thanks to the rapid development of digital imaging, the art of photography is now in a special, perhaps even ambivalent situation. The ‘smart’ mobile phone cameras are contributing to the swift development of recording of practically everything that happens, while the much easily attainable technical level of pictures makes us think that almost everybody can take an impressive picture as long as they have good hardware and software equipment. If the twentieth century received the ‘picture century’ epithet then the dawn of the twenty-first century may be marked as the dawn of the digitalised picture age. 
Imaging technologies enable us to drive a car that is yet to be manufactured, walk among half-built houses that so far only exist on the blue-prints. We can admire non-existent landscapes in ‘photographs’ as well as wonderful mountains, all of which exist only thanks to the fantasy of the author of the photography and technical options of Photoshop. This phenomenon – on its own remarkably positive – however, leads to the overproduction of picture smog, to loss of feelings for critical evaluation of modern imaging media products, while it supresses the visual literacy, leading thus also to a negative impact on the profession of a photographer.
A whole number of various producers and businesses are now equipped with cameras and other technology, taking pictures for their internet catalogues themselves, and only a few care that such catalogues are far from perfect. Carefully created photography of architecture is disappearing, melting away in virtual video sequences that are acquired at a greater speed and, most of all, with less effort. 
The crown of this outclassing movement are indeed the photo booths placed in all possible state institutions, which have uncompromisingly erased communal portrait photo studios. However, the more these machines resigned to the real essence of a photography, i.e. to ‘drawing with light’, in the name of a better computer processability of the picture, the more has their production moved away from, what we understand under the term portrait, and there is no time or money left for its quality any more. 
Indeed there would be no point in presenting all reasons that has led the Czech Professional Photographers Association to this seemingly anachronistic, perhaps even Quixotic deed, the publishing of the Almanac with selection of the art works of its members. Following sensitive philosophers – who many years ago came to the idea that ‘Quixotism’ has its sense in the modern society, that this ‘swimming against the tide’ can refer to the necessary revolt against the chaos and haste of our time and the loss of sense of human deeds – this collection of pictures strives to point out to the fundamental human need to think about the communicative component of photography imaging, to stop for a while, dwell over the pictures and look for their hidden meanings. 
It was thought at the dawn of the ‘light drawing’ that a photography wold get closer to visual art, or as the case may be, to painting by breaking the mechanical process of the creation of image by manual intervention, however the ‘New Objectivity’, ‘Direct’ and ‘Subjective Photography’ movement, just as the influence of surrealistic tendencies and the strong drift towards ‘Staged photography’ during the 20th century proved that the power of photography as well as the depth of its content expression are based on the ability to use own expressive means of the photographic image, without borrowing the painting and graphic methods, as was noted by Albert Renger-Patzsch in 1925. 
The pictures in this Almanac are striving to be just like this. 
prof. Miroslav Vojtechovsky, QEP
Included Authors:
Vladimir Birgus
Magdalena Blahova
Karel Dosek
Bohumil Eichler
Jaroslav Fiser
Jiri Hanke
Borivoj Horinek
Josef Husak
Frantisek Chrastek
Rudolf Jung
Ales Jungmann
Daniel Kaifer
Jiri Kovanic
Vladimir Kozlik
Maria Kudasova
Zdenek Lhotak
Jan Neubert
Jan Pohribny
Stanislav Pokorny
Rudo Prekop
Roman Sejkot
Petra Skoupilova
Milena Valuskova
Miroslav Vojtechovsky
Jiri Vset


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