EP 10th session - Official Results

EPWe are happy to announce that at the EP session n.10,  5 new EP Photographers have been awarded!

Our congratulations go to:
Steven Colin, EP, Belgium
Bert Daenen, EP, Belgium
Kristel Nijskens, EP, Belgium
Sami Reivinen, EP, Finland
Geert Vanden Broeck, EP, Belgium

FEP invite all European associations to enter the world photographic cup

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The “World Photographic Cup” is bringing cultures together.
The “World Photographic Cup” is an unique competition, where national teams in good companionship measure themselves with Photographic Friends worldwide. 
From only 22 participating teams in 2014, and 27 teams in 2015, our aim is to increase the number to 30 countries this year.
We look forward to your participation and invite you to enter the 3rd annual contest of the “World Photographic Cup”, which is now open for entries.
Several national teams have already entered for 2016 and in case you haven’t yet, we would like to warmly invite you to join them.
Sign up now for the “WPC” and appoint a team-leader to prepare your national team entry.
Images must be uploaded by September 30th 2015.
In Europe, FEP member associations have priority to represent their national team in the “World Photographic Cup”. So if you know of any professional photographic associations in European countries that are not FEP members yet, please invite them to join the “FEP family” and the “WPC”. 
It’s a good way to see the best of the best images from all over the world and a great way to make contacts and friends in the World of Photography.
Please do not hesitate to contact WPC CEO, Giuseppe Scozzi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or any one of us for more information.
Jørgen Brandt - Bruno Vetters - Martin Vrabko
Members of the “World Photographic Cup” Organizing Committee 
Appointed by FEP
Jørgen Brandt This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bruno Vetters This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Martin Vrabko This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Freedom of panorama”: FEP meets the Working Group on copyright reform at the European Parliament

11015399 10206031508339239 305824885788868611 n1FEP has been invited by the European Parliament to meeting the Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright Reform, concerning the so called “freedom of panorama” issue. The purpose of the meeting was to acquire the opinions of the different authors and users of panorama pictures, in view of a reform of the copyright directive 2001/29 , who  introduced – among others - exceptions to the right of reproduction or communication on visual arts, but allowed each Member State to introduce,or not, those non-mandatory exceptions, causing a situation substantially different from country to country.   
FEP was represented by Bent Nygaard Larsen, Member of the FEP Executive Committee  and CEO of the Danish member association.  “In principle, FEP is for the freedom of panorama – said Bent Nygaard Larsen -  “This is an advantage  for the professional photographers, it is well functioning in most European countries, and helps a large related photographic market . FEP anyway understand  the point of view of the artists and of those who  want as well preserve the local cultural heritage, and intend to continue with individual exceptions in single nations and local areas”.
A difficulty for the photographers may be the bureaucracy.  In some countries where shooting permissions are required as long as a charge for the use of those images,  it is often difficult  to find the right places and authorities to obtain the permission. This course of action can be made easier introducing in the EU legislation clear indications about how and where the photographer must obtain permissions, and overall detailing rules for commercial utilizations .
“EU should consider that there is a very big difference between pictures made for leisure and personal fun, and  sophisticated  professional photo shoots, made for commercial purposes by professional photographers.
But… what is actually considered commercial and non-commercial use of copyrighted material ? “, continued Bent Nygaard Larsen - A clear definition should be made, as well, specifying what “panorama” means and  how significant must be  artistic  items in the image, to be copyrighted”.
In other words, these guidelines should bear in mind the complexity of the applications and uses of a “panorama” photograph.
“For FEP is very important that exceptions to the copyright protection in panoramic images will not bring to a deprivation of general copyrights of the artists or photographers” - commented FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi after the meeting - “therefore it is crucial EU to better define and detail those exceptions”. 

FEP Cover Picture of July 2015


This edition of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month has been won by Tine Borms Guéneau, from France.
See all the submitted pictures in the FEP official page on facebook!

The World Photographic Cup 2016, NOW OPEN!

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Which country will take over the top spot from team USA, the defending champion?
Portugal, Australia (2nd and 3rd place finishers in 2015) or one of the almost 30 other participating countries who had outstanding submissions?

The World Photographic Cup 2015 -  a unique international Olympics-styled team competition reached a record number of 27 registered countries, including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, 4 teams from Asia (Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand ) and 18 from Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom).

NOW, it’s time to set up your national photographic team for the 2016 edition, to compete for gold, silver and bronze medals and to celebrate our profession in a way never dreamed of before…


Registrations for WPC 2016 are now open HERE and will close on September 30th

Therefore, hurry up!

QEP/MQEP Judging Session n.31: Official Results

gruppo fep derby

We are happy to announce that at the 31st session of the FEP European Qualifications 7 MASTER QEPs and 19 new QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded.

Congratulations to MQEPs:
Jacques Bakker, The Netherlands, MASTER QEP
Anatoly Bisimbaev, Russia, MASTER QEP
Pierre Delaunay, France, MASTER QEP (Third MQEP)
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland, MASTER QEP
Patrick Loertscher, Switzerland, MASTER QEP
Francesco Mosca, Italy, MASTER QEP
Carlos Santana, Spain, MASTER QEP
And to QEPs: 
Nicolau Bacelar, Portugal, QEP Wildlife
Fernando Branquinho, Portugal, QEP Illustrative
Eva Cordero Lorenzo, Spain, QEP Portrait
Juan Manuel Del Valle Moreno, Spain, QEP Pictorial 
Ramon Diez Mata, Spain, QEP Reportage
Manuel González Mairena, Spain, QEP Wedding
Jonathan Hevia, Spain, QEP Reportage
Sébastien Husté, France, QEP Reportage
Hervé Le Reste, France, QEP Architecture
Mike Lindtner, Austria, QEP Landscape
Peter Lik, USA (BIPP Member), QEP Landscape
Maz Mashru, UK, QEP Portrait
Oscar Padi, Spain, QEP Portrait
Anne Schneidersmann, Germany, QEP Nature
Vladimir Schukin, Russia, QEP Illustrative
Nuno Teixeira, Portugal, QEP Wedding
Caroline Tanghe, Belgium, QEP Reportage
Jean-Luc Truijens, Netherlands, QEP Fine Art
Laila Villbeck, Sweden, QEP Portrait


Recognized the copyright!

facebook 32 A very important sentence on copyright and social networks from the court of Rome! 
Recognized the copyright to the pictures posted on Facebook 
The publication on the Facebook wall of pictures of the author "does not involve the complete cession of photographic rights".
The ninth section of the Court of Rome in practice recognizes the copyright for the pictures posted on the social network.
The case stems from photos published in his Facebook page from a Roman photographer.
Learn more HERE
Translation in English of the mentioned article from RAINEWS available on request.

FEP Cover Picture of June 2015

For a second time in a row, Andrey Balabasov, QEP, Germany, is the winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month! (June 2015).


Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FEP-Federation-of-European-Photographers/196609550358729

EP 9th session - official results


We are happy to announce that at the EP session n.9,  6 new EP Photographers have been awarded!

Our congratulations go to:
Joachim Bergauer, EP, Austria
Margarita Bezkrovnaya, EP, Ukraine
Aurore Caillaud, EP, France
Pieter Clicteur, EP, Belgium
Noëlle Gamand, EP, France
Peter Lik, EP, USA (BIPP member)
Apply online now for the new EP session n. 10!
Learn more about EP qualification HERE
(Deadline June 30th)


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