FEP Cover Picture of November 2014

This time, the FEP Cover Picture of the Month for the month of November, came from France.
His author is Arnaud Gras.
At the end of November, send us your picture for the Cover Picture Contest of December!
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FEP in Valladolid, Spain

Group Photo FEPFI 2014FEPFI celebrated a very successful congress in Valladolid, Spain. 
FEP President Andreas Barylli Fayer, CEO Giuseppe Scozzi  and Video Qualification Chairman Neil Warner visited the FEPFI qualification sessions, and checked in particular the video qualification procedures in order to start launching the new FEP awards for videographers in the year to come.
A special accolade should be reserve to the FEPFI President Fernando Barrio and the whole FEPFI establishment and staff. Wonderful organization, wonderful hospitality, wonderful location. Thanks FEPFI, lucky to be there.

EP 6th session - official results


We are happy to announce that at the EP session n.6, 19 new EP Photographers have been awarded!
Our congratulations to:
Thomas Poelz, Austria
Claude Bohnert, France
Freddy Enguix, Switzerland
William Moureaux, France
Anneke Schram, Belgium
Erwin Muik, Austria
Richard Motsch, France
Laila Villebeck, Sweden
Ludivine Sacco, France
Michael Guggemos, Austria
José Angel Tabares Blet, Finland
Gabriella Soutine, Sweden
Martin Jager, Austria
Katya Rashkevich, Russia
Laurent Pareau, France
Lyubomir Sergeev, Bulgaria
Markus Alexander Schlamadinger, Austria
Terri Lindholm, Sweden
Arlindo Sousa Vieira, Portugal


teatro verdi

All in one event, scheduled in Trieste, Italy, February 28th – March 2nd, 2015
After Valencia, Lyon and Gmunden, in 2015 the FEP invites you in Trieste.
The program will include:
February, 28th, Saturday, a program of 6 lectures, organized by the local association Photography Masters, with renown international speakers: PETER KEMP, SACHA GOLDBERGER,  JEANNETTE OERLEMANS,  ANA DIAS, LIESA COLE and BARBARA MARIN. A photographic contest is linked to the conference and open only to the participants. 
March 1st, Sunday, the FEP INTERNATIONAL PHOTO DAY, which includes 4 lectures made by 4 MASTER QEPS: ANDY HENS, MQEP Germany, ANDRE BOTO, MQEP, Portugal, ALEANDRO BATTISTINI, MQEP, Italy and JANO STOVKA, MQEP, Slovakia.
Afterward,  the FEP will celebrate its FEP AWARDS CEREMONY. QEP and MQEP 2013 and 2014: all photographers who received their qualification during 2013 and 2014 will be invited to come on the stage to withdraw their certificate; FEP European Photo Book of the Year 2015: presentation of the winners of each and all categories. FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2015: winners of the competition will be presented with their Bronze, Silver and Golden Cameras trophies. The Overall Winner will be also announced and presented as the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2015. 
At the end of the day, there will be  a Gala Dinner.
March 2nd, Monday, in the morning , the FEP will held the annual General Assembly meeting.
Important to know: 
The event will take place in the wonderful Verdi Opera Theater 
The FEP General Assembly will be held in the Trieste Town Hall 
The program will be in English (simultaneous translation in Italian) 
Registrations  are open now!  
Logistics, registrations and more information HERE!
We wait you all there!




We have just been informed that FEPFI opened to all members of the FEP its national video qualification, and has installed the title of “Distinguished International Videographer by FEPFI", reserved to the FEP international videographer applying to the FEPFI video qualification.

If the work of candidate will be accepted, it will be given one credit. With a number of merits will be granted the title. 

This opportunity may help to set the standard of the future European EV and QEV qualifications, which FEP will launch on 2015. So, despite the very limited time to apply, we forward this information, repeating that FEPFI kindly invite your members TO ENTER ITS QUALIFICATIONS, SUBMITTING some videos. Indeed, DEADLINE IS VERY SHORT: OCTOBER 24th, so in case this idea raises your interest, an immediate reaction is needed. 

REGISTRATIONS must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the name of the author/association/country and the number of works submitted -
FEES: there is a fee of 25€ per submitted work, to be paid by international transfer to: FEPFI , Banco Santander, IBAN ES97 0049 6740 62 2316096291 - Videos: must be sent (within October 24) to: F.E.P.F.I., Avda. Santander, 44. - Vivero de Empresas, despacho 4 - 34003 , Palencia, Spain 
TECHNICAL AND FORMAT: Each work is presented in a DVD , without any mark that can identify with the author. Each DVD must be presented in a standardized black or translucent plastic case, 192 x 138 x 15 millimeters. You can make use of the following formats: SD or HD. For works in SD, a DVD will be sent. For those with HD format, will send out an M2T file (ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details).
NUMBER OF WORKS: Each author may submit up to 8 works well in the same category or divided into several categories. Categories: SOCIAL REPORTAGE (max. 5 min.) - DRAWING AND DOCUMENTARY FEATURE (max. 5 min.) - COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL (max. 5 min.) - FREE CREATION (max. 10 min.)

The World Photographic Cup 2015 strikes again!

The World Photographic Cup, 2015, strikes again! 

WPC logo - h

The WPC 2015  reached a record number of 23 countries registered, including United States (USA team is the Cup winner 2014), Canada, Australia, 8 teams from Asia (China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand ) and 12 from Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands,  Norway, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom).
We invite all other FEP member associations to submit: there is still time to enter the Cup! 
The dead line for finalizing the entries has been is postponed at November 15th, 2014.   
For further info please visit www.worldphotographiccup.org

15 Years of QEP! Rome, session n.30!


Congratulations to FEP for the Anniversary of 15 years of QEP!

This time, the FEP will held its QEP session n.30 in the "eternal city", Rome, Italy, on November, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th.
The meeting will be held inside the Studio Orizzonte, in Via Barberini 60, in the hearth of the city.
After the judging session, the FEP will held its Board Meeting on Sunday, November 30, afternoon, and an Inspirational Day will follow the judging session on Monday, December 1st, while a CEO Meeting will be held in the Confratigianato headquarters, Italian FEP Member association.

Deadline for pre-registrations of QEP and MQEP is coming ... October 31 is the last day!

Fill the application form an send it by email to the FEP Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
But don't worry! You will have time to send your prints during November!
Rules and application forms here!
Waiting for your applications and looking forward to see all FEP delegates in Rome soon!

FEP Cover Picture of October 2014

This picture is the FEP facebook COVER PICTURE OF OCTOBER 2014! 
Congratulations to Jürgen de Witte, EP from Belgium!
Jurgen is an EP - European Photographer, he obtained the EP qualification on May 2014.

fb oct14 

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FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2015 opening!


FEP Europen Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2015 opening! 

Welcome to the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2015, a unique competition created just for professional photographers, also known as the FEP Golden Camera Awards. 

Easier entry and judging procedures through our brand new competition entry system on the FEP website.

Submissions will remain open up to January, 6th, 2015. The award ceremony, where all the winners will be announced, will be held in Trieste, Italy, at the Trieste Opera Theater, on Sunday, March 1st , 2015, at the FEP International Photodays.
NEW!  The FEP awards 2015 have  even more potential for the creative Photographers. 
NEW!- It is possible to enter each and all categories with an unlimited number of images ! 
NEW! Best scored single images will receive MERIT(70-79/100), DISTINCTION (80-89/100)and EXCELLENCE (90-100/100) award certificates
- NEW!Photographers’ rank will be calculated summing up their 3 best scored images on each category. 
- Photographers ranked between the 4th and 10th position on each category will receive a FINALIST certificate.   
- Top 3 photographers in each category will win GOLDEN, SILVER and BRONZE CAMERA trophies. 
- Among all the GOLDEN CAMERA winners the jury will select the FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year ,2015 
There are six categories in the competition: 
There are also two special sections: 
- NEW! INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, open to non  European citizens. The world is a village - and we would like to receive best images from all the world. 
- STUDENTS & YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS, open to the students of recognized schools of photography and to photographers and assistants under 25 year of age. 
There will be 2 juries composed by 5 international photographers. Each jury will judge separate sets of  categories, while the entire judging panel will elect the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER of the YEAR 2015. Jørgen Brandt, MQEP to lead the jury as a non-voting Chairman.
Well.. what  are you waiting for?  
Chose your best images and sign up!. For the complete set of rules and submissions , click here


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