QEP/MQEP Judging Session n.31: Official Results

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We are happy to announce that at the 31st session of the FEP European Qualifications 7 MASTER QEPs and 19 new QEP (Qualified European Photographers) have been awarded.

Congratulations to MQEPs:
Jacques Bakker, The Netherlands, MASTER QEP
Anatoly Bisimbaev, Russia, MASTER QEP
Pierre Delaunay, France, MASTER QEP (Third MQEP)
Onni Wiljami Kinnunen, Finland, MASTER QEP
Patrick Loertscher, Switzerland, MASTER QEP
Francesco Mosca, Italy, MASTER QEP
Carlos Santana, Spain, MASTER QEP
And to QEPs: 
Nicolau Bacelar, Portugal, QEP Wildlife
Fernando Branquinho, Portugal, QEP Illustrative
Eva Cordero Lorenzo, Spain, QEP Portrait
Juan Manuel Del Valle Moreno, Spain, QEP Pictorial 
Ramon Diez Mata, Spain, QEP Reportage
Manuel González Mairena, Spain, QEP Wedding
Jonathan Hevia, Spain, QEP Reportage
Sébastien Husté, France, QEP Reportage
Hervé Le Reste, France, QEP Architecture
Mike Lindtner, Austria, QEP Landscape
Peter Lik, USA (BIPP Member), QEP Landscape
Maz Mashru, UK, QEP Portrait
Oscar Padi, Spain, QEP Portrait
Anne Schneidersmann, Germany, QEP Nature
Vladimir Schukin, Russia, QEP Illustrative
Nuno Teixeira, Portugal, QEP Wedding
Caroline Tanghe, Belgium, QEP Reportage
Jean-Luc Truijens, Netherlands, QEP Fine Art
Laila Villbeck, Sweden, QEP Portrait


Recognized the copyright!

facebook 32 A very important sentence on copyright and social networks from the court of Rome! 
Recognized the copyright to the pictures posted on Facebook 
The publication on the Facebook wall of pictures of the author "does not involve the complete cession of photographic rights".
The ninth section of the Court of Rome in practice recognizes the copyright for the pictures posted on the social network.
The case stems from photos published in his Facebook page from a Roman photographer.
Learn more HERE
Translation in English of the mentioned article from RAINEWS available on request.

FEP Cover Picture of June 2015

For a second time in a row, Andrey Balabasov, QEP, Germany, is the winner of the FEP Cover Picture of the Month! (June 2015).


Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FEP-Federation-of-European-Photographers/196609550358729

EP 9th session - official results


We are happy to announce that at the EP session n.9,  6 new EP Photographers have been awarded!

Our congratulations go to:
Joachim Bergauer, EP, Austria
Margarita Bezkrovnaya, EP, Ukraine
Aurore Caillaud, EP, France
Pieter Clicteur, EP, Belgium
Noëlle Gamand, EP, France
Peter Lik, EP, USA (BIPP member)
Apply online now for the new EP session n. 10!
Learn more about EP qualification HERE
(Deadline June 30th)

FETA Award 2015: open for entries!


We are happy to announce that the FETA AWARD 2015 is now open for entries.

FETA is a leading European award for photographic students and their works will be judged against photographers from across Europe. The aim is to encourage and recognize the high standard of photographic image making taking place in Europe by graduating students. The winner of the last edition was MAREK ŠTIM, student at the Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. The Chairman of the FETA judging is Dave Matthews, UK.  

This year, some little changes:

-          the submission of entries will be online, through the FEP website 

-          Candidates only have to log in and apply (if not done yet, they must register to the FEP website and create an account) 

-          The number of pictures to submit is nine (9)

-          The maximum number of candidates per each school is five (5)

-          Judging will take place online by 3 international judges, chaired by a non-voting chairman.


Call for Entries 1 June 2015 -  Deadline 30 September 2015 

Open To

Final year students studying photography on a 3 years degree or equivalent approved or accredited courses in Colleges, Institutes or Universities in all European countries.

How to Enter

Submissions will be on line. Applicants will submit 9 images and will need the support and approval of their University course leader. To be included in the shortlist, the student should be under 30 years of age and their portfolio should ‘hang together’ as a unified collection. It is also recommended that the images tell a story.  


The winner of “The Emerging Talent Award” will receive a certificate. Merit winners will receive a merit certificate. All those who receive awards will be invited to collect their prize at an event in Europe and FEP will contribute to their travel expenses. Winners will receive coverage in all FEP media. The FEP member association representing the country where the winners of the FETA awards are living, may offer free membership as an additional prize.  The  FETA winner may be also nominated for further international awards, such as the IPC Sophie Smoliar Scholarship Award.

Application fee 

An entry fee of 20,00 € per portfolio is required to pay through Paypal at the end of the online submission.

FEP Member Associations tasks 

FEP National Associations will promote the award and they may recommend institutions to send students work for a FETA award.  

Colleges tasks

The college/university course leaders will select the highest achieving final year students on their course to enter for the award. The maximum number of portfolios which can be sent by each Institute is FIVE (5). The course leader will also validate and verify each student’s submission of images.

For further information, VISIT THE FETA PAGE on this website where candidate can find the full set of rules and regulations and the link to apply.

We are looking forward receiving entries from the best emerging talents across Europe. APPLY NOW! 

Eastern Partnership Photography” magazine

MAGAZINEPLEASE HAVE A LOOK to the online publication “Eastern Partnership Photography” magazine

We invite all colleagues to have a look at the magazine. It is a precious tool to become more aware of what it’s going on in the professional photography in 6 eastern European countries, who are now member of the FEP, and to compare educational system, standards and actions. 
On that sphere, international diplomas, in particular those issued by the Federation of European Professional Photographers can also increase demand for a photographer’s works. Therefore, the magazine Photography in the Eastern Partnership Countries also features (pages 53-58) an interview with the FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi. Our CEO tells how photo associations from the Eastern Partnership can benefit from being a member of the Federation and why professional qualifications awarded by the Federation’s experts have such a high value in the photo world. 
The online publication of the magazine Eastern Partnership Photography is one of the concluding events of SAY CHEESE! project. The other final events of the initiative, the openings of the six exhibitions We are the Eastern Partnership and the publication of the Family Album of the Eastern Partnership, are going to happen soon.

Download the online magazine

The 5th China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition Contest

5th CIDPAE poster


China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition sponsored by Photography Museum of Lishui China has already been successfully held for 4 sessions since launched in 2010.The entrants cover 46 countries and regions of 5 continents around the world. The purpose of the exhibition is to provide a platform for communication of international photography art, promote the mutual study and make friends, exhibit the modern photography works, introduce the pioneer photographers and provide works for experts to study the regular pattern and trend of the development of photography. 

Closing Date:15 August 2015 
Judging Date : September 2015
Exhibition Date: November 2015
Exhibition Place: Lishui, China 

Download the ENTRY FORM!

FEP Cover Picture of May 2015

Congratulations to Andrey Balabasov, Germany, QEP Wedding and QEP Portrait, and also winner of the FEP European Wedding Golden Camera 2015, who won the "COVER PICTURE OF THE MONTH" contest for the month of MAY 2015, with this wonderful picture:

cover may15
Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FEP-Federation-of-European-Photographers/196609550358729

Mark Sykes FBIPP, QEP

Mark Sykes FBIPP, QEP
Mark in Moscow with Jim Sue and two soldiers
25th April, in history saw the beginning of the Gallipoli campaign, a date many, on whatever side, will find difficult to forget.  Not that his friends and colleagues will need reminding, the date when we said goodbye forever to that stoical, brilliant, witty man, Mark Sykes. 
Those of us who followed his postings on Facebook will never be able to look at a full English breakfast again without fond memories. Mark was the kind of guy I was proud to call a friend, the sort where because of geographical implications you didn't meet very often, but when you did it was as if you had been together in the pub the night before. As a photographer, he was second to none and gave freely of his expertise, an inspiration to us all in oh so many ways! Triumph and disaster were treated with the same sardonic grin and a large glass of some Scottish beverage. We became very strong friends after spending a week together in Moscow as guests of the Russian Photographic Association. I knew him ever since we were judges on the A&Q panel of the BIPP for many years. His talent as a photographer and humour were second to none, and it was a privilege to have known him. I still use anecdotes he gave me on professional practice for commercial photography in my lectures to students on my BA (hons) course in Falmouth University. So he is still passing on his skills to the next generation. 
Mark was an excellent judge for the Federation of European Photographers Qualifications Board in Brussels. Many times these European photographers asked why Mark did not become a regular judge in Europe as he was very good at critiquing images in a positive way, which the audience in Europe found fascinating. They learnt so much from him, as did the Russians, he was such a fantastic advertising photographer who could communicate easily either to a large group or on a one to one basis.
The comment from the French Judge, Jean Charles Castel sums up what I have said, I HAD THE CHANCE OF MEETING MARK : NICE GUY, WONDERFUL WORK !! RIP MARK ! 
Mark obviously made an impression on him. 
Now he has gone, there is a big void in my life. I will miss his talent, his wit, his British (Yorkshire) eccentricity, and his humanity. His battle with the cancer, which took him far too soon is a lesson to us all, a middle finger raised against its stranglehold.


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