Marcel Lehner

Austria - Bundesinnung der Berufsfotografen

European Photographer


Portrait Fine Art Advertising


Marcel Lehner is an award winning master-class portrait-, fashion- and advertising photographer based in Vienna, Austria. His passion for photography began as a child at the age of 7 when he got his first camera. Marcel started his career as street- and journalism photographer and switched to advertising- and art-photography a couple of years later. Marcel has taken it upon himself to explore the world through the eyes of a photographer. Over the past years he has completed many different projects that let him become more professional with each photo. It is his ambition to break with conventional views. Marcel is working for various local and international advertising agencies and magazines. Marcel discovered the importance of people wanting to get emotional touched when viewing a photograph. He is taking pictures in a way so that he doesn’t have to explain things with words. The viewer has to be able to feel the picture. Don McCullin already emphasized this and Marcel is following this tenet in his work. Marcel’s style of photography is strongly influenced by his ongoing passion for street photography. With an eye for detail he strives to produce creative images of exceptional quality, no matter of the subject. Over the last couple of years Marcel has continuously worked on improving his craft, thriving on setting the bar ever higher and challenging himself to do better with every shoot. If Marcel is not running one of his different professional photography workshops and retouching courses - face-to-face or online – he likes to travel the world - but never without his camera.


Kaiser-Ebersdorfer-Str. 79/11/20