FEP European Photo Book Award 2020

Welcome to the fifth edition of the FEP European Photo Book competition. The aim of this competition is to help promote the photography books and to acknowledge the outstanding work of professionals in this field. The works can be entered by both the authors and the publishers of these books.
The competition is a non-profit event and all fees collected will be used to promote the FEP and the FEP member associations.

1 – This is the fifth edition of the FEP European Photo Book Award which is divided into the following categories:

A) Reportage
B) Portrait
C) Landscape/ Nature photography
D) Nudes
E) Monographs
F) Commercial (applications for iPad, calendars, CD-Rom…)
G) Self-published books that were not produced by a publisher.

2 – The aim of this European prize is to promote the photographic book and photography and to acknowledge the outstanding work of professionals in the field.

3 – All published books can be entered for the competition, with the exception of books produced by members of the jury or connected to them in any way.

4 – Each book can be entered for the competition either by its author or publisher, who must complete and sign the entry form available here. Please both print a copy of the entry form and send it together with the book and send one copy via email to the coordinator info@fotopuck.com

book prize 2020 entry form

5 – A single copy of each book must be sent by no later than 25 February 2020 to the secretary Photo Book Award 2020 at the following address:

FEP European Photo Book Award 2020
c/o Adriano Scognamillo
via Bontempi, 2/a
06122 Perugia (Italy)

Please write the following two phrases on the outside of the parcel:
Volume in visione – Non destinato alla VENDITA
Inspection copy of book NOT FOR SALE.

6 – The entry fee for each book is 50,00 euros to be sent via bank transfer to:

FEP vzw – IBAN: BE26 7340 4630 9829 – BIC: KREDBEBB
Account : 734-0463098-29 – KBC Bank NV – Eiermarkt 20, 2000 Antwerpen – Belgium

7 – Books entered for the competition will not be returned but will be donated winners or participants of the FEP Young Photographer Award 2020.
In the case of books of high value, a request can be made for the books to be returned, but postage costs must be paid by the person making the request.

8 – The jury will consist of 5 experts nominated by FEP and the jury’s decisions will be final. The Jury has the right to move books to a different category or to create a new one should a book deserve it because of its artistic merit.

9 – One winner will be chosen for each category and the winner will receive a diploma and a ceramic plate. One book from all the entries will be chosen as FEP Best Photographic Book 2020 and will receive the EUROPEAN BOOK PRIZE.

10 – The prize will be given to the person who entered the book for the competition.

The jury will also award a “PHOTO BOOK LIFETIME AWARD” to an author who has dedicated their life to photography ”

11- The organizers reserve the right to publicise the event in the media by reproducing images or text from the books entered for the prize.

12 – The prize-giving ceremony will take place on 22 March 2020 during
The FEP Awards Ceremony in Rome, Italy, at the Salone Margherita

13 – Only the authors/publishers of the books that win prizes will be contacted directly by email or telephone, and it is hoped that they will be able to come and receive the prizes in person.

14 – Results will be published in the media as well as on the site www.europeanphotographers.eu from the day after the prize-giving ceremony.

15 – Authors and/or publishers must authorise the organisers to use the personal information provided on the entry form in compliance with International Privacy Laws and to publish images from the winning books with the sole aim of promoting the Prize.


25 February 2020 – Final date for submitting entries.
29 February 2020 – Meeting of the Jury
22 March 2020 – Prize-giving ceremony

Attention: due to the Coronavirus emergency, the prize-giving ceremony has been postponed to September 28

Adriano Scognamillo
Mb +39 349-503 76 63
mail: info@fotopuck.com