I Can’t Tell if She Likes Myself. Any Hints on which She Feels?

Reader Question:

I sought out from the first big date and situations seemed great. There is flirty visual communication plus some making out. However, I can’t tell if she in fact likes myself or if perhaps it’s just strictly crave involving the two of us. Since this girl is quite shy and tends to suppress her emotions, I have trouble checking out her.

Any ideas on which she really seems?


Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Daniel: here is the great thing about courtship. Should you decide hang in there for a lengthy period, you are able to see how every thing ends up.

You’ll find, of course, strategies to fast forward this relationship that very nearly assure a tragic ending.

Including, should your figures have sexual intercourse before they have commitment, you’ll see a world full of regrets and apologies. Incase your own male direct pushes for a lot of psychological interaction too early, you could see a scene where she is working away down a rainy road at breakneck speed.

Just hold off. The scenes will play out in restaurants, movie theaters, yourself cooking together or undertaking mutual tasks. Soon you’ll know.

Incase the movie drags on too-long and you also still don’t know……well, then you’ve got a box company bomb.

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