QEP Application Rules & Regulations

Transalations: For a SUMMARY of THE QEP/MQEP RULES , click BELOW.
Attention:  translations are only a summary of the rules to help the candidates to better understand the rules in original English. Applicants must read and accept the complete rules original in English before enrolling at the session and send the panels. The only official rules are in English.






Eligibility for QEP Qualification

To be eligible to apply for a QEP Certificate, the candidate:

  1. must earn a living as a maker of still images., either photochemical or digital. The QEP Certificates are only available to those who are authors of the original images and they are not intended for photographic laboratory technicians or support staff.
  2. must be a member of a national professional photographers association. The national association must be a member of the Federation of European Professional Photographers. Unless otherwise agreed by the relevant FEP member association, applications have to  be sent directly to the FEP, but in any case a copy of the entry form must be transmitted by the entrants to the relevant association. Application by non members can be accepted providing they are professional photographers legally registered and resident in European countries where there are not FEP member national associations to represent them. If an application is received from a photographer who is not member of a FEP member association, they must be registered with the tax authorities as a professional photographer and they must show their VAT registration number or certificate of professional insurance which will be validated by the FEP.
  3. may be self-employed or an employee.
  4. must have operated as a professional photographer for at least three consecutive years.
  5. must fulfill the necessary requirements in technical skills and meet an internationally acknowledged artistic and aesthetic standard necessary to uphold a highly accomplished professional status.
  6. must satisfy the requirements for professional practice skill, which will be assessed by the FEP member national association.
  7. must accept the FEP European Code of Professional Conduct.
    download the fep code of conduct

Submission of Work

  1. each candidate must submit a panel of 12 images.
  2. each submission must be accompanied by a QEP application form.
    download the qep application form
    This editable form can be filled in, using MS Word, printed and added to the submitted pictures. Please NO HANDWRITTEN DOCUMENTS! It is also mandatory to send a copy of this application form to the national headquarters of your relevant FEP member association. The application form must be sent via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by April 30th for the summer judging session or by October 15th for the November/December session. For the edition of JULY 2017, THE QEP AND MQEP JUDGING WILL BE HELD IN FALMOUTH, UK, ON JULY 8-9. The address where to send panels is indicated in the application form. ATTENTION: Panels must arrive peremptorily not before June 19 and not after July 6.
  3. panels may be submitted in the category of the candidate's specialist field of activity, such as Portrait, Wedding, Advertising, Landscape, Architecture, Industrial, Commercial, Press, Reportage, etc.
  4. the submission must be prints, colour or monochrome or a mixture.
  5. prints must be mounted on light cardboard or <10 mm foamboard, polyboard, kapaboard or the equivalent. Each mount must contain a single image. The mounting boards must not be longer than 50 cm and not shorter than 30 cm. 
  6. no frames are permitted. Total weight of pictures max. 2.5 kg.
  7. all panels MUST come with a CD/DVD containing a digital version of all 12 images, high resolution, 300 dpi, 20 cm the longest side, for possible printing purposes and a contact sheet with proofs of the same pictures in the order they have to be exhibited during the judging session. Every print must be clearly numbered on the back to correspond with the visual guide; a directional arrow is also required. It is strongly recommended to add to the CD/DVD a second low resolution version (1024 px the longest side) of the 12 images for web and presentation purposes. Don't forget to include your name and address on the CD/DVD cover and on the CD/DVD.
  8. portfolio-caseall photographic prints must be submitted in a reusable case, not exceeding the maximum sizes of 55x60 cm, for easy handling and return shipping. Cases received exceeding these sizes will not be returned. FEP cannot be held responsible for loss or damage during transit.
  9. Any deviation for the mentioned requirements (sizes, mounting, resolution, weight, etc.) must be communicated in advance when submitting the entry form. Failure to comply with these criteria may result in disqualification.  
  10. anonymity of the candidates will be respected at all times; however, a copy of each submitted application form will be automatically forwarded to the national headquarters of the relevant FEP member association.
  11. if the application is submitted by a photographer who is not member of a FEP member association, he/she may be asked to submit, beyond the registration number as indicated above, some evidence of professional status, perhaps a photo of premises, interior or exterior, and/or an example of a brochure, website address, or any further publicity material; the requested criteria are indicated in the application form.
  12. the appropriate application fee must also accompany the submission, as indicated in the QEP application form.
  13. the submitted images will be judged by 5 international judges. The QEP candidate must achieve a majority of the Jury votes to be deemed successful.
  14. successful photographers will receive a printed certificate for display in their studio, they will also be given a handbook containing advice on how best to exploit the qualification in their marketing.
  15. QEP certificate holders may then apply for a MASTER QEP certificate at the first available session.
  16. unsuccessful candidates will receive from the FEP a constructive critique of their panel indicating why, on this occasion it has not been successful.
  17. these candidates may repeat the application at the first available judging session.

Application Fee

An application fee of € 150,00 is due to cover the costs, such as venue charges, certification, jury expense, etc.
Candidates have to send their fees with a wire transfer directly to the FEP. The FEP Bank Data are on the entry form. The FEP secretariat will keep tracks of the membership of the candidate and of the payment of the entry fee. The registration will be considered only when FEP will receive evidence of the payment of the entry fee made by the candidate.

Return of QEP & MQEP Prints

To cover the costs of return transportation of your works to the address indicated on the application form you must enclose proof of an additional fee in the amount of € 60,00. ATTENTION: Candidates who don’t pay for this service must in any case withdraw the panels; after 15 days, panels will be removed.


The Jury will be drawn from delegates nominated annually by the national organisations within their relevant QEP and Master QEP holders, and then selected by the FEP Jury Chairman.
The decisions of the jury are  final and binding. No contact  with the Jury Chairman or Jury members are allowed before the judging or after receiving the notification of the result achieved. 

Copyright and Releases

The copyright of all images submitted remains with the copyright holder. However the FEP reserves the right to use any of the images submitted, without payment, for display and publicity purposes for this and future FEP awards or projects. It is vital that the candidate obtains the permission of the client and/or the copyright holder and any relevant model release forms, where appropriate before submitting the work.

Secretariat and Organisation

A minimum of 20 QEP applications or 15 QEP applications + 5 MASTER QEP applications are required to proceed with a first line of judges. A second line of judges will be activated when reached a minimum of 40 QEP applications or 35 QEP applications + 5 MASTER QEP applications.

All candidates will receive written notification of the result of their submission from the FEP Secretariat. A list of all successful candidates ONLY will be announced. The anonymity of all candidates will be respected at all times including during judging sessions. Only the judges and the organisational  staff  is allowed  to enter the judging room. However, upon agreement with the relevant FEP member association hosting the judging session, some public maybe be admitted in the judging room for educational purposes.

The FEP Secretariat will not put forward for judging any panels unless the following procedures have been adhered to, neither will these panels be returned to their authors, if:

  • the images submitted do not conform to these rules
  • the submission fees has not been paid
  • the membership of the candidates has not been confirmed by the relevant association.

The relevant National Association will assist with organising and checking that everything is in order for their own candidates before submissions are judged.The total weight of the panels, including the case, must not exceed 8 kg. Submissions exceeding this weight or submissions whose return of print service fee has not been paid will be not sent back. In those cases candidates have to withraw the panels within 15 days, otherwise they will be removed.

The level of illumination for all print jury session will be equivalent to one second at f16 with a meter setting at 100 ISO.