EV Rules and Regulations

Video Qualifications for the Federation of European Photographers

The FEP European VIDEO qualification, just as the still images, will be assigned to the authors, not the works. The Creative control of the works must have been in the hands of the entering videographer although others may have been assisting in the production.

The EV

The EV is a new basic quality assurance certification now available to most general Professional Videographers throughout Europe. The European Videographer (EV) qualification aims to recognise competence and a professional standard for those who earn their lives as Professional Videographers. It is designed to complement the lack of a specific title to uphold the professional status. 

Eligibility for EV Qualification

To be eligible to apply for an EV Certificate (which is only digital) the candidate:

Must earn a living as a videographer. The EV Certificates are only available to those who are authors of the original works.must be a member of a national professional photographers association. The national association must be a member of the Federation of European Professional Photographers, unless otherwise agreed by the relevant FEP member associations. Application by non members can be accepted providing they are professional videographers legally registered and resident in European countries where there are not FEP member national associations to represent them.
May be self-employed or an employee.
Must have operated as a professional videographer for at least one consecutive year.
must fulfil the necessary requirements in technical skills and achieve an acknowledged standard (determined by the FEP) necessary to uphold a professional status.
Must satisfy the requirements for professional practice skill, which will be assessed by the FEP member national association. must accept the FEP European Code of Professional Conduct.

Submission of works

Submission of works will be via the online submission system at our website. Log into the system http://www.europeanphotographers.eu/cb-login and follow the instructions there. Videos should be submitted at full quality, in h.264 format and may be in any resolution up to 4k.

The EV certificate has no categories. Submitted videos can be all pertaining to the same category (social reportage, drawing and documentary feature, commercial and industrial, free creation) or a mixture. 

There are some time limits to the individual categories:
Social reportage (max. 5 min.) 
Drawing and documentary feature (max. 10 min.) 
Commercial and industrial (max. 5 min.) . 
Free creation (max. 10 min.)

Application Fee

An application fee of € 50,00 is due to cover the costs, such as the system fees, certification, jury expense, etc.  Candidates have to pay their fees through the website by credit card.The FEP secretariat will keep tracks of the membership of the candidate and of the payment of the entry fee. The registration will be considered only when FEP will receive evidence of the payment of the entry fee made by the candidate.

Judging and Results

Each videographers folio will be judged by three judges working independently. They will view the submission as a  whole, give their written  feedback and judge the submission as a pass/no pass. Two out of three “pass” judgements will mean the videographer has passed the qualification. Results of the successful applications will be published after the judging has been completed. Successful EV videographers will receive the Ev logo and a digital certificate (on web resolution). If a printed certificate is requested, a file with printing resolution will be sent to the related national association only. 
Unsuccessful candidates will receive from the FEP a constructive critique of their panel indicating why, on this occasion it has not been successful. These candidates may then repeat the application process once free of charge within the next 3 sessions. Failed candidates who reapply for free within the next 3 EV sessions have to send an e-mail to the secretariat informing about this new application.