2014 Finalists of European Professional Photographer of the Year 2014

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500 professional photographers from 22 countries entered our annual European Photographer of the Year Awards for 2014.
The international jury has now completed the judging round.

The winners will be announced and the awards will be presented at a special ceremony to be held in Photokina, on September 18.at 17.00 in the professional stage area.

The names of the top best photographers in each of the seven categories - the so called "finalists" – are now available.


Yuri Afanasiev, Russia
Marian Benes, Czech republic
Enda Cavanagh, Ireland
Jose Luis Guardia Peinado, Spain
Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez, Spain
Eugenio Hernandez Guadilla, Spain
Maurizio Marcato, Italy
Gerry O’Leary, Ireland
Leonid Petrov, Russia
Xanti Rodriguez, Spain

Illustration/Digital Art/Fine Art

Yuri Afanasiev, Russia
Andreas Bübl, Austria
Vicente Esteban, Spain
Tom D. Jones, Belgium
Alvaro Jose Ruiz Nogues, Spain
Michael Schnabl, Austria
Christine Simpson, Ireland
Uli Staiger, Germany
Vesa Tyni, Finland
Karel Waignein, Belgium


Vlado Baca, Slovakia
Pavol Delej, Slovakia
Kelvin Gillmore, Ireland
Peter Gordon, Ireland
Jan Hrbácek, Czech Republic
Tom D. Jones, Belgium
Panagiotis Laskarakis, Greece
Gerry O’Leary, Ireland
Michael Schnabl, Austria
Vaclav Sojka, Czech Republic
Vincenzo Tessarin, Italy


Dermot Byrne, Ireland
Akis Douzlatzis, Greece
Evgeny Kolesnik, Ukraine
Mathias Kniepeiss, Austria
Lluis Oliver, Spain
Petri Olli, Finland
Mikhail Panin, Russia
Alvaro Jose Ruiz Nogues, Spain
Lev Savitskiy, Ukraine
Michael Schnabl, Austria
Jano Stovka, Slovakia


Edoardo Agresti, Italy
Ingo Albrecht, Switzerland
Isabel Corthier, Belgium
Gianluca De Bartolo, Italy
Pierre Delaunay, France
Pavol Delej, Slovakia
Francis Gameiro, France
Antonio Gibotta, Italy
Ralph Larmann, Germany
Vincenzo Tessarin, Italy


Tomás Avis, Spain
Helder Couto, Portugal
Salvatore Dimino, Italy
Stefano Gerardi, Italy
Carlos Felipe Ortiz Morel, Spain
Alvaro Jose Ruiz Nogues, Spain
Filipe Santos, Portugal
Clemente Jimenez Santander, Spain
Philippe Swiggers, Belgium
Jose Luis Guardia Vazquez, Spain
Juan Carlos Guardia Vazquez, Spain
Michael With, Denmark

Students and Young Photographers

Markus Aspegren, Finland
Souvid Datta, United Kingdom
Tom Flynn, United Kingdom
Dawid Galinski, Poland
Jack Peilow, United Kingdom
Malou Reedorf, Denmark
Charlotte Sams, United Kingdom
Jan Skop, Czech Republic
Marius Vieth, Germany
Andreas Van Esbroeck, Belgium

 "Dedication to excellence and high quality is fascinating, as it shows and gives insight into the life and imagination of great creative minds. The participating Photographers have all shared their very diverse skills with the professional Photography, and given us all an understanding through the images that goes beyond culture and spoken words.

It has been a close race,  and the 70 finalists are the very best in a very hard competition with a lot of high scorers running up. The photographers are of course the center of a competition, but without the hard, qualified,  joyful and voluntary work of the judges, there would not be any prestigious competition. So FEP would like to thank all the Judges for showing their love for Photography and its trade"

-Jørgen Brandt.