Stellar Data Recovery announces Strategic Partnership with FEP, the Federation of European Photographers


Stellar Data Recovery and the FEP

Following a meeting between FEP CEO Giuseppe Scozzi and Stellar Data Recovery COO Kees Jan Meerman at Photokina in September 2012, Stellar and FEP have remained in contact and wish to announce a mutually beneficial partnership. The worldwide leader in data recovery services began recovering data from flash-based memory cards when they were introduced more than 19 years ago with the launch of digital cameras.

Since the adoption of digital photography the problems concerning data loss have evolved for professional photographers. As a newly recognized Partner of Federation of European Photographers, Stellar wish to provide their data recovery services to all FEP Member Photographers.

“A career could be on the line if data loss happens to a professional photographer,” said Mr. Meerman. ” Stellar is providing data recovery solutions to all of Europe; we are there if you need us”

Be aware, even if you have the best equipment on earth and are being very careful by backing up your photos and saving your photos on a second SD or HDD, the worst can still happen. A data carrier can become inaccessible due to a natural disaster, power surges or human error. The loss of an important photo for the press, for sport or of an event can ruin the business of a professional photographer.

Giuseppe Scozzi writes: “Many professional photographers around the world are already happy clients o Stellar, we now deepen our relationship. With an exclusive offer for FEP members for a professional data recovery service and special photo recovery software solutions.”

About Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery ( ) is a worldwide supplier of first-rate data recovery software and services. Stellar has laboratories in most European countries, the United States and Asia, with over 100 R&D professionals and data recovery experts, various CLASS 100 Clean Rooms and the most extensive suite of in-house developed data recovery software in the world. Stellar provides complete data recovery solutions for all possible cases of data loss.

About FEP:

FEP, The Federation of European Professional Photographers, is a network of 25 National Professional Photographers' Associations from 22 European countries, recognized by the EU and officially registered in Belgium. As the central reference authority for Photography in the EU, it represents over 50,000 professional photographers in Europe. It defends the rights of professional photographers directly and in close association with national and international organizations. It represents the interests of its member associations on a global scale on topics such as education, training, professional standards, authors rights etc. The FEP co-operates in the organization of national events of member associations and actively promotes the exchange of keynote speakers.

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