EP 4th session - Official Results

What a success for this EP session!
We are happy to announce that at the 4th session of the EP Qualification (February-March 2014) 19 EP - European Photographers have been awarded:

Werner Burgstaller, EP, Austria
Johanna Cavel, EP, France
Jozef Danyi, EP, Czech Rep
Jürgen de Witte, EP, Belgium
Lukas Kirchgasser, EP, Austria
Marko Koivuporras, EP, Finland
Yeray Menéndez, EP, Spain,
Marie-Claire Perez, EP, France
Malou Marie-Louise Reedorf, EP, Denmark
Plume Roland, EP, France
Dieter Schaufler, EP, Austria
Pilvi Marjaana Sormunen, EP, Finland
Ilia Victorovich Strokov, EP, Russia
Reginald Tackoen, EP, Belgium
André Monteiro Tavares, EP, Portugal
Michal Tomaszewicz, EP, Norway
Emily Van Den Broucke, EP, Belgium
Emmi Virtanen, EP, Finland
Yevgenia Vradiy, EP, Ukraine

The 5th EP session is open for entries, deadline May, 31st.
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