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WhiteWall is an official partner of FEP since August 2016. The online photo lab is valued for outstanding quality among professional and hobby photographers. WhiteWall is revolutionizing the way enthusiasts and pros alike print their pictures. The photo lab allows anyone to upload, print, mount and frame their images in gallery quality, using award-winning acrylic glass, metal & aluminum prints, and hand crafted solid wood frames. Pictures can be uploaded from a personal computer or via smartphone, alternatively you can select a motif from a set of 20,000+ images available on WhiteWall’s Picture World.

WhiteWall has a wide range of premium photo finishing materials. The online photo lab has developed a revolutionary exposure process: The ultraHD print, which was revealed in September at photokina 2016, enables an unimaginable degree of sharpness.

WhiteWall produces the artworks for professional photographers, exhibitions and private homes all around the world. Due to its German craftsmanship and its ability to deliver made-to-order photo products within 10 business days, WhiteWall is the first choice in the premium sector. All products are available in large, custom sizes, 24/7 on Every order is processed with care and shipped worldwide from the WhiteWall photo lab in Frechen, near Cologne, Germany in custom cut packaging for maximum protection. The picture hanging system is automatically included and there is a five-year guarantee on all products.

WhiteWall product line comprises:

• ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

• Acrylic Glass Mountings

• Photo Prints/Direct Prints On Aluminum Dibond

• HD Metal Prints

• More than 80 Handcrafted Frames

• Photo Books

• Canvas Prints

• Photo Prints/Direct Prints on Wood

• Poured Resin


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ChromaLuxe® is proud to be a partner of FEP since 2013. The members of the FEP have given ChromaLuxe®  a very valuable insight into the photographer’s artistic mind, so Chromaluxe® can even better respond to their needs. Giuseppe Scozzi, CEO of the Federation of European Photographers: “The FEP is very happy to have ChromaLuxe as a partner company. It is a chance for the single photographer to increase his business and the FEP is the right forum to introduce this product to 50.000 photographers..."
By partnering the European Federation, ChromaLuxe intends to act as both a student and a teacher to the European Professional Photographer. On the one hand we are aware that there is a lot to be learned from a network of pan-European photographers and their cultural variances, on the other hand we aim to inspire the professional photographer to choose ChromaLuxe as their preferred print choice for commercial, social and fine art photography. 
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ChromaLuxe® is the leading brand of sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Through dye-sublimation, images are infused into specially coated surfaces to provide the most durable, longest lasting print medium. There are a wide range of substrates ideal for almost every use.  ChromaLuxe® is perfect for professional photographers and for Fine Art and high end professional photo printing. ChromaLuxe® provides exceptional quality of detail and resolution that allows the photographer or artist to turn their artwork into a fine art print. 

ChromaLuxe® is part of the Universal Woods group of companies. Universal Woods EMEA recently moved from Schelle to Boom. It was established in 2011 to support sales of ChromaLuxe and sister products in the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. All manufacturing of ChromaLuxe product is done at the Louisville plant to very strict quality and environmental standards. The company produces the following brands – ChromaLuxe, Unisub (sublimated gift media) and Resindek (flooring system).
We believe that … 
• People are our greatest asset; 
• Fair benefit to all parties is essential to success; 
• Expectations influence results; 
• Learning is essential to existence and growth
Contact the EMEA office at
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: +32 (0)3 870 5400
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KoyLab is now a PARTNER OF FEP!!!

Koy Lab is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and printing of digital photography albums. Founded in 1977, as a professional photography lab, we soon initiated our search for new challenges and markets and, therefore, since 2001, we have been developping our business in printing and creating digital albums, guided by the wish of meeting the needs and expectations of professional photographers.

The variety of products and services, always subjected to rigorous quality control, our delivery times and our competitive prices have allowed us to respond positively to this purpose, along with our growth and position in this industry.

Our mission

Koy Lab’s mantra is based on excellence in everything we do. This philosophy is fundamental in creating every product that comes out of our hands. We do not simply make another album. We are constantly innovating, reinventing and challenging ourselves to create products that redefine quality. Therefore, each product is the best of us and of this art.

Our team

We are a family business and our team, or family, as we like to call it, include our clients, which are the centre of everything we do. At Koy Lab, we respect each one’s individuality, but we all have a wish in common: creating the best albums. This desire is translated into the products we present our clients.


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